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MedicoReach Assists Financial Services Provider with Targeted Nephrologists Email List

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  • MedicoReach Assists Financial Services Provider with Targeted Nephrologists Email List
  • Jul 29, 2019
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
MedicoReach Assists Financial Services Provider with Targeted Nephrologists Email List

About the Client:

The client we recently helped with our data solutions was a Chicago-based licensed online financial services provider offering financial products to customers in the US, UK, and Brazil. The company provides a wide range of financial products and services like a line of credit accounts, short-term loans, receivable purchase agreements (RPAs), and installment loans. Dealing with different lending laws and regulations across the three countries, the company is also a reputed member of the leading financial services trade associations. Most of the company's customers include small businesses and non-prime credit consumers.


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    The Challenges of the Customer

    The customer came with a particular requirement. Being a financial services company, they wanted to expand their offerings to the healthcare sector as well. Their targeted audience was nephrologists working in dialysis centers. To draw their attention towards its financial products and offerings, the company planned to run an email campaign for which they needed an accurate and comprehensive Nephrologists Email List.

    Right from the start of the communication, the client was very clear about the kind of list they are looking for and wanted us to deliver the same. They said that prior coming to us, they did try a couple of other vendors, but they were disappointing. So, their real challenge was to find the right marketing database provider who can give them access to the right contacts of nephrologists. And that is how they reached us through positive reviews and referrals of other customers who have already worked with us. As they made specifications, there were no further doubts as to what they want. Adhering to our best quality data commitment, we took up the challenge of addressing the client's concerns and delivering them a responsive and result-driven email database on time.


    Our Solutions

    Being committed to helping marketers with quality data list solutions, this time also we worked towards meeting the promises we made. As the client precisely specified their requirements, it was easier for our team to get started with preparing the best email list offering authentic and classified marketing details. To ensure that the email campaigns of the client directed towards nephrologists reaches the right inbox, we made sure that all the contact information was accurate and verified each record before finalizing for the list.

    The hard work and dedication of our data scientists and researchers resulted in the formation of a lead generating and responsive Nephrologists Email List. We customized the list the way our client wanted, and so we were sure that the final result would not be disappointing.

    The Outcome

    A happy and contended client is what we aim and that is what we successfully achieved as well this time too. With a reliable and up-to-date email list of nephrologists, the company was able to reach a wider audience with their targeted email campaign. Their messages got delivered into the right email address and it helped to generate genuine leads who were likely to avail their financial products and services.

    The deliverability ratio of their email marketing campaign increased by 25% which was 15% more than their previous campaigns. Also, our data helped the client boost engagement and click-through rate of their emails by 34%. The stats and figures that the client achieved using our email database was amazing and that is why the client was satisfied and were keen on working with us again.


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