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A direct marketing practice in which marketers communicate with their customers, promote and advertise products and services, offer discounts, share industry updates and latest news through electronic mails (e-mail) send to their email addresses. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to create brand awareness, win customer trust and loyalty and expand market reach.

Businesses either use a purchased email list or leverage their existing customer database as a source of contacts for their email marketing campaigns. Emails can be sent for different purposes, and depending on the same, emails can be of the following types such as transactional emails, email newsletters, triggered emails, autoresponder emails, promotional emails, lead nurturing emails, and more. Sending emails to customers helps businesses in convincing customers to buy their products, nurture relationships, acquire new customers, network, and stay in the memories of the customers for future transactions.

Email marketing campaigns are nowadays automated on many occasions. Email automation is a buzzing word that marketers are aware of and has been increasingly found using to save time and resources. Once an automated email is set up for a particular set of people or individuals, it reaches the subject automatically at the scheduled time. Transactional emails like ‘your product has been shipped’ and ‘thank you for shopping’ are automated ones.

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