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Nursing homes in the US are home to more than 10 million older adults. With increasing age, seniors require assisted care to perform their daily activities which are only possible to get in nursing homes under the care and supervision of skilled healthcare professionals. Moreover, even patients with disabilities are frequent visitors of nursing homes as they too require help in doing activities such as bathing, wearing clothes, eating, etc. Nursing homes are popular among Americans because of the extended care they offer once the patient leaves the hospital. At home, providing supportive care is not always possible and has its own set of limitations. Addressing such a challenge is the homely setup and patient-oriented facilities available in the Nursing homes across the growing number of the healthcare setup.

Most of the Nursing homes in the US are Medicare, and Medicaid certified which makes them economically affordable for the patients. Not constricting their service to care, Nursing homes also offers vivid services that aim to make patient care more convenient and are regularly monitored and supervised by nursing home administrators for better quality care and services. From pharmacy to dental care, x-ray and other similar assistance, Nursing homes today are no longer limited to any specific area of work.

Taking Care of the Elderly
In this report, we have shed light on the various aspects of Nursing Home for an in-depth understanding of the present scenario. From bed counts to leading nursing home chains, job titles, and facilities they offer, our market report gives a statistical brief into how the elderly care is taken into new heights with top-notch services provided by Nursing Homes all over the United States of America.

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