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For businesses thinking to invest in email marketing or those who are already leveraging it often have questions in their mind regarding email list purchase. We at MedicoReach bring answers to all your related queries to offer a hassle-free information acquisition process.

MedicoReach is a B2B healthcare marketing database provider. From data collection to its management everything is done by us. We offer a wide range of healthcare email and mailing lists based on specialty, occupation, job title/function, position, organization and other many selects. Our main categories of the list we offer include physicians email list, nurses email list, dentist email list, pharmacist email list, healthcare executive email list and more.

Well! We have an energetic, experienced, and expert team of data scientists, researchers, and industry leaders who ensure the accuracy of every data that gets collected and channeled before making its way into our database. All the contact details of your targeted healthcare professionals are compiled from highly authentic sources such as trade shows, websites, medical seminars and conferences, healthcare directory, medical records, government records, surveys, etc.

Hence, when it comes to data quality, MedicoReach’s standards are unmatchable.

Trust is the base of our business operations. We as a database provider believe in building a trust-worthy relationship through the delivery of what we promise to our clients. MedicoReach is a well-known name in the industry now. Over and over again, we have proved our excellence and has helped healthcare companies achieve their marketing goals by giving them the support of our reliable data.

Before letting any record into our healthcare mailing lists, our data curators and miner validates, verifies and cross-checks the origin as well as the credibility of the information. Any obsolete, incomplete, or missing information will have no place in our database. Our dedicated team does verification every data through email and telephone to ensure no scope for irrelevant contact details.

That depends on the requirement of the client. Customers tell us about their exact data needs and the quantity they want so that we can develop a list that perfectly suits their business objectives both in terms of quantity and quality. As of now, our entire database contains more than 70 million business records of healthcare professionals, medical centers, manufacturers, sellers and other executives related to the industry.

Using robust technologies and in-depth research techniques, we ensure that the data is kept updated at a regular interval of 3 months. To be further sure, each record is double verified before delivering a client the specific list they had purchased.

While purchasing email lists from MedicoReach, clients need to make the payment in advance either through wire transfers or pay by cheque. For further details and any payment related information, get in touch with our executives who can help you with proper guidance.

We are always there to help with your purchase related queries and address your needs. However, we work five days in a week and are not available during weekend hours. We are in the office from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm CST. If in case you have an urgent need during non-working days, you can drop a message, and we will revert to you at the earliest next morning. Feel free to call us at our toll-free number 1-888-664-9690 or email us at [email protected]

Businesses across various industries leverage email marketing to establish direct one-to-one communication with their targeted audience. Even revenue wise email campaigns generate 4x times more revenue as compared to other marketing channels like social media, direct mail, etc. Hence, when it comes to engaging customers with the brand or connecting with them for promoting products, companies greatly rely on email.


Compared to other marketing options such as print media, banner ads, etc., the cost of an email campaign is much lower. Even if the marketer needs to use some automation tool to automate, evaluate and track the campaign metrics, the cost won’t go beyond their budget which is not the case with other channels.

Expanded Reach

According to Statista, the number of global email users is expected to grow from3.7 billion to 4.1 billion users by 2021. Hence, it is quite clear that the outreach of emails is much higher than any other channel. Even in this social networking age, when it comes receiving business communication people prefer emails than messaging apps or networking sites. It is the most widely used digital tool that enables the user to respond instantly and take immediate action.

Targeted Approach

Emails can be personalized based on the specific profile of a targeted customer. It allows you to send messages to only those who are interested in your brand or permits you to get in touch.

Easy to Measure

Some automation tools help marketers track and monitor the performance of their email marketing campaigns. Based on such metrics, they get to know where they lack and what needed to be done to improve.

Drives Better ROI and Web traffic

Over and over again, email campaigns have been effective in driving more traffic to the website and generating increased revenue for the business.

If metrics are taken into consideration, Tuesday has the highest email open rate. If you want to send more than one email, then apart from Tuesday you can initiate email campaigns to your targeted audience on Thursday and Wednesday.

Usually, on weekends people are in a holiday mood, so they mostly prefer not to go through the inbox especially if your audience is a B2B prospect. So, sending emails to your clients on weekends is a big no.

Firstly, before running any email campaign, keep in mind the time zone of the place where your customers live. However, as far as the suitable time for sending emails is concerned, 10 a.m. and from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. are the best times.

Emails should be in HTML format that your readers can easily download.

Try not to use heavy graphics and images that take too much time to download.

Make sure the email template is professional, contains relevant content and well-designed.

Personalization is essential for both transactional and promotional emails. If you don’t make your reader feel unique and valued, you are likely to lose them to any competitor. An email addressed in the name of the targeted audience can get it noticed amidst the bulk of emails entering their inbox every day. From keeping customers engaged and satisfied to driving better conversion rate within a short period, personalized emails are highly effective in strengthening customer relationship with the brand.

Our list is up-to-date and comprises of fresh and active contacts only. And so, you can use our list multiple times without any hesitation. But we would suggest you to keep updating your database to stay alert of the change in communication details of your prospects. If doing list cleansing and maintaining data seems time-consuming and difficult, then you can avail our data cleansing service. We have customizable cleansing service in place at an additional cost to keep your data up-to-date. To know more about the service details get in touch with our team right away!

At MedicoReach, we offer data reseller partnership program that allows list brokers, marketing agencies, and data resellers to get access to our vast database of accurate and verified information and use it for further reselling. Hence, by becoming our affiliate through joining the reseller program, you can acquire permission to resell our wide range of lists.

MedicoReach has always given priority to client’s exact requirements. We make sure that the list curated aligns perfectly with your data needs. However, we can perform the best only when the client provides us with clear list specifications. You can ask us to get a customized list based on job title, geography and other demographics. If you clearly state the details, it is easier for us to understand your requirement and deliver the same on time. Our team makes every effort necessary to provide clients with the best list for their marketing campaigns.

Moreover, it is our true believe that once you invest in our list, disappointment will nowhere come near to you. The moment our data will help you generate leads; your perception will completely change.

However, if still there are times when you want even better than what you got, or need some further changes, you can reach out to the representative who has been helping you from the beginning. Let the concerned reps know your specific reason for dissatisfaction with the list so that he/she can respond immediately to your concern and work to turn your experience into a satisfactory one.

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