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The pharmaceutical industry in the US is thriving with global domination and widespread market reach. From consumption to the development of pharmaceutical products, the US is undoubtedly the leading nation. Considering the past trends and statistics, it is expected that the US spending on medicine is likely to increase by 5 percent every year from 2017 to 2016. The total spend is going to reach $5.7 trillion, and these numbers are indicative of the potentiality and high growth rate of the US pharma industry.

In this market report, MedicoReach throws light on the current statistics and counts related to the pharma industry in the US. From the number of pharmacies present in each state to the list of leading pharmacy chains, pharmacist counts, and much more insights are revealed in the report. Through sheer research and intense market study, our researchers and experts have gathered valuable data that businesses in the pharma industry will find useful.

To know in detail about the US pharma industry findings and relevant stats, our statistics report is a must-read for every marketer, sales reps and decision-makers in the pharmaceutical industry. Our informative piece of the market report will help understand the industry and the many facets associated with it for better marketing and sales across every department of the pharma industry.

Download this report to get first-hand input about the US pharma sector. From region-wise breakdown of stats to overall market analysis, this market insight report is a worthy indulgence that industry people should not miss.

The US Pharmacy Market Overview - MedicoReach

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