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Hospitals Email List

Our accurate and robust hospital mailing list not only bridges this gap but also opens avenues for market research, networking, growth, and expansion. As a proactive business, you must, therefore, not delay in procuring the hospital decision makers email list as it ensures the right audience receives your marketing message and your campaigns head in the right direction.

Total Number Of Hospitals In USA By State:


What the Decision-Makers in the Hospitals are Seeking and How MedicoReach Fits In?

Different hospitals may have a different set of requirements at different points of time. A certain hospital, say, might require surgical equipment in large numbers to enhance their operating departments while cutting supplies of surplus pharmaceutical products. As a surgical equipment manufacturer, this particular hospital must be on top of the list of your potential customers.

Our association with reliable sources like business publications, reporting agencies, healthcare magazines, events, and tradeshows, etc. from which we extract data, together with our cutting-edge data enrichment techniques, makes our hospital mailing lists that we deliver unique in every sense.

Making continuous efforts, we note down the dynamic requirements of hospitals and deliver the appropriate list of names to the appropriate product or service providers. Following is a snapshot of our qualitative as well as quantitative services:

  • More than 159, 567 hospital email lists
  • Support for multi-channel campaigns
  • Derived from credible & reliable sources
  • Tele and email verified on a regular basis
  • Global B2B data network & market reach
  • Bespoke hospital mailing lists

Procure a Guaranteed Hospital Email List from MedicoReach

In pursuit of collating the business email list, it is desirable to optimize time and resources so that the price of your efforts does not exceed the value achieved from the hospital email address list. In other words, despite spending quite a significant number of man-hours and capital, it must not be a case that many of the contacts in your list turn out to be unresponsive or inaccurate.

An association with a professional comes with a guarantee. With our reliable, well-structured, and ready-to-use hospitals email database, you will take a giant leap towards reaching your sales target. And that is our guarantee. What makes us confident concerning our deliverables is our ability to segment and customize the hospital email list as per the requirement of our patrons.


Our Hospital Email Database is Segmented And Customized Based on:

  • Geography
  • Gender
  • Medical Institution
  • Clinic
  • License number and state
  • Hospital affiliation
  • Years of Experience
  • Type of Practice
  • Sub-Specialties

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MedicoReach Covers Hospitals at a Global Level

Globalization and the Internet have revolutionized the business world. Today, businesses irrespective of their size and location do not prefer to be limited due to their location. To keep this fuel of global ambition burning in our customers, our hospital’s email database has a worldwide reach and covers the economically copious regions of:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Middle East
  • Many More

MedicoReach Utilizes Technographics to Build a Formidable Database of Hospitals

As technology is taking over all sectors and domains, hospitals and medical institutions are not alienated from the trend and are being massively disrupted by Industry 4.0. From AI and Wearables to Augmented and Virtual Reality, from Big Data to Voice Searches and On-Demand services, the entire healthcare industry is on the path of digital transformation. For instance, many hospitals are leveraging AI to create automated reminders for patients. Also, some hospitals are providing customized medical services to patients based on their physical, medical, social, and environmental aspects.

At MedicoReach, we utilize the technographics (segmentation based on technologies) concerning hospitals and companies. It allows us to offer the appropriate list of hospitals using a particular technology to the right audience, i.e., the company providing products and solutions for that specific technology. There are other aspects as well, such as demographics, firmographics, etc. based on which segmentation is achieved.

Information We Offer in Our Database

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • SIC code
  • Phone number
  • NAICS code
  • Fax number
  • Postal address
  • Web Addresses

Think Hygienic Database of Hospitals, Think MedicoReach

Data becomes obsolete at breakneck speeds. Businesses dealing in medicines, pharmaceuticals, surgical products, medical science products and services, medical furniture, etc. in pursuit of clients, may end up exhausting their resources without much success. Instead of having an accurate list of hospitals, companies end up accumulating irrelevant data that not only makes your database unhygienic but also leads to unnecessary depletion of resources and revenue.

MedicoReach, as your professional B2B marketing data partner will pull you out from the mire of unhygienic data, and lead you to the world where only enriched and engagement-ready data is delivered for successful customer acquisition.

Trust Us with Business While We take Care of the Rest

Our sole objective is to deliver quality services that drive growth and felicitates expansion of your healthcare business.









Sam Wilson, Consultant