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Nurse Email List

Nurse Email List

More than 1.25 Million nurses email addresses made available.

If you want to market your healthcare industry related products and services to individual nurses as well as nursing institutions at large then get our detailed and targeted Nurses Email List today!

With our accurate and competitive Nurses Email Database, you can reach registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nurse assistants at home address, school address, hospital address, medical office address, or a non-related medical company address.

MedicoReach’s high-quality Nurse Email Addresses provides full-fledged support to your multi-channel marketing campaigns via telephone, email and mailing addresses.

Customize Your Nurses Mailing List by below Selects:

  • Nurse Job Title
  • Nurse Specialty
  • Nurse Department
  • License Type
  • Licensure state
  • Geographic Locations
  • Years of Experience
  • Nursing school/college
  • And more!

Business requirements vary from industry to industry and individual to individual. Keeping that in mind, we let you craft your list based on the following specializations:

We Can Customize All Types of Nurses Email List by Specialty:

Nurses Specialty No. of Email Addresses available
Adolescent Medicine Nurses Email List 3,828
Allergy / Immunology Nurses Email List 1,528
Ambulatory Care Nurses Email List 5,128
Cardiac Care Nurses Email List 6,231
Community Health Nurses Email List 2,328
Critical Care Nurses Email List 5,129
Dermatology Nurses Email List 10,179
Dialysis Nurses Email List 4,179
Emergency Nurses Email List 2,879
Endocrinology Nurses Email List 2,979
Family Planning Nurses Email List 5,189
Geriatric Nurses Email List 4,289
HIV/AIDS Nurses Email List 2,789
Home Healthcare Nurses Email List 2,167
Midwife Nurses Email List 2,870
Military Nurses Email List 2,170
Neurology Nurses Email List 4,250
Nurse Anesthetists Email List 90,980
Nurse Practitioners Email List 96,450
Nurse Manager Email List 4,261
Occupational Health Nurses Email List 6,189
Orthopedic Nurses Email List 4,230
Public Health Nurses (PHNs) Email List 61,828
Registered Nurses Email List 752,119
Reproductive Health Nurses Email List 1,021
School Nurses Email List 5,543
Transplant Nurses Email List 1,012

We Can Customize Registered Nurse Email List by Specialty:

Registered Nurses Specialty No. of Email Addresses available
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Email List


Certified Nursing Assistants Email List 2,129
IV Certification Nurses Email List 2,757
Licensed Practical Nurses Email List 3,127
Licensed Vocational Nurses Email List 1,070
Clinical Nurse Specialist Email List 2,135
Student Nurses Email List 2,514

We Can Customize Nurse Practitioners Email List by Specialty:

Nurse Practitioners Specialty No. of Email Addresses available
Acute Care Nurse Practitioners Email List


ENT Nurse Practitioners Email List 4,554
Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) Email List 13,449
Pediatric Nurse Practitioners Email List 27,345
Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners Email List 9,122
Child Psychiatric Nurses Email List 2,198
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Email List 8,487
Perioperative Nurses Email List 16,122
Adult Care Nurse Practitioners Email List 2,119


Here is the data count for each of the specialty category email list. But, remember the numbers keep changing every day. So, connect with us to know the latest figures.


Being the center of the healthcare system, nurses are highly relied upon and trusted.  Experienced and trained nurses are always in high demand as they hold significant positions in healthcare organizations. Reaching out to the nurses for marketing your medical products and services and conveying them to buy from you can become a simple task only when supported by our Nurses Email Database consisting of complete contact details of these healthcare professionals.

From data accumulation to keeping the information updated in the Nurses Email Addresses List, MedicoReach team ensures that every record in the database is valid and generates maximum responses for your healthcare marketing campaigns. Further, our pre-packaged Nurses contact list can also be customized based on your specific selects at the time of interaction with our team. We will help you design your email list to trigger the success of your campaigns.

Our team of expert data scientists and researchers makes sure that our marketing data is collected from authentic sources only. Using our regularly updated and verified list, you can target prospects effectively, getting maximum conversions and better ROI. Our target-specific Nurses Email List will give you an additional advantage over your competitors by allowing you to contact the right customer at the earliest.

Why Choose MedicoReach?

  • Trusted and Verified Sources
  • Accurate targeting and maximum deliverability ratio
  • Responsive data at unbeaten price
  • Comprehensive database with no generic email addresses
  • Support for multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Customizable List

Ready to have the best Nurses Mailing List available in the market?