MedicoReach Succeed Medical Device Manufacturing Company To Reach Hospitals And Increased ROI 100%

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  • Jul 22, 2022
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About the Client

Our team recently assisted a client in achieving better sales and connecting to more customers via our healthcare data services. The client is a medical device manufacturing organization producing high-quality surgical equipment and medical tools. They design and market these devices to various healthcare facilities. 

Our client manufactures products, including orthopedic instruments, diagnostic apparatus, cardiovascular equipment, dental devices, and diabetic tools. Many hospitals, medical labs, nursing homes, and healthcare organizations have benefited from the client.

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    Challenges Faced by the Client Before Opting for Our Services 

    The medical device manufacturing client was struggling to expand their customer base and improve their sales. They mostly targeted hospitals and nursing homes but did not have a reliable contact source to promote their products.  

    They wanted to develop a database containing verified leads to launch the marketing campaigns. The client also implemented telemarketing strategies, but it was a time-consuming process. All this didn’t help their ROI. 

    The client finally decided to contact our team at MedicoReach to get a verified list of hospital contacts.

    The Solution We Offered 

    We offered the client an updated list of hospital contacts as per their requirements. Our team of data experts fetched data from various reliable sources to create a customized list of hospitals that can be targeted.  This list of B2B contacts included details such as name, email ID, phone number, and address. MedicoReach provided a trustworthy and customized data solution that allowed the client to expand their business

    The Results Our Client Achieved

    Using our high-quality contact lists, the client could reach out to more hospitals and sell their devices better. They were able to acquire new leads and increase their ROI to 100%.  As they had a database of authentic contacts, they could develop stronger marketing campaigns and enhance their branding. So, our team at MedicoReach helped boost their revenue and business in the USA/Asia Pacific location

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