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“With words, we govern men.”

~ Benjamin Disraeli

The importance of language is summarized by the aforementioned quote. In the form of articles, blogs, and other pieces of writing, we strive to achieve value for everyone who is a part of the healthcare marketing landscape. A team of skilled digital marketing professionals, we welcome all those who have something to contribute to make healthcare marketing better each day.

This is a platform where your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge will reach the masses in the form of blogs and articles. Proceed with us to the subsequent sections and know how we accommodate your contributions in our platform.


MedicoReach is a leader when it comes to providing accurate and best quality marketing data to healthcare marketers. As a database vendor with years of experience and expertise, we offer a wide range of healthcare email and mailing lists to help B2B medical marketers channel their promotional campaigns to targeted healthcare executives, professionals, and practitioners. We help companies approach their prospects through their preferred channel of communication. Our data supports multichannel marketing campaigns conducted via email, direct mail, and telephone. We have a rich data repository comprising millions of contact details that we duly verify, update, and validate. Our motto is not just promising excellence. We work hard in delivering excellence at every level of your customer engagement journey.


Your contribution must have a set objective. Before you pitch your ideas and begin to write, answer the question: ‘how my piece of writing will help the healthcare marketers?’ We cover every topic that is of interest to the marketing universe. Healthcare is our industry domain and we give first priority to blogs and articles related to the marketing strategies in the healthcare sector.


Anyone who can draw insights or know something of value in the healthcare marketing space that can be successfully applied into their business belongs to our target audience. This list includes, and is not limited to:

  • Decision-makers of the healthcare facilities.
  • Executive Directors of SMEs & large enterprises.
  • Leaders of non-profit healthcare organizations such as community organizations, public utilities, co-ops.
  • Managers belonging to ad agencies, creative agencies, PR firms, video production firms, etc.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs working independently for their products based companies, web application development companies, and healthcare services and solution providers.
  • Head of IT and Technical development companies providing healthcare related software and applications.
  • Employees of any kind of companies who are on the marketing team helping to promote their business.


MedicoReach strives to produce content that is not only fresh and relevant but also instructive. As our audience are professionals who need help with healthcare digital marketing, so they typically don’t have the knowledge about specific healthcare details but are willing to learn and educate themselves based on their needs? So, we strive to help them with guidance and best practice methods. Articles should, therefore, be developed keeping in mind the importance of educating readers with healthcare marketing. The use of advanced topics are allowed only if they educate or link to other websites that are informative. In brief a combination of this is what we approve:

  • More than 1500+ words in any case.
  • Sociable and handy, but not too casual.
  • Optimize the content for the targeted keyword
  • A big no to SALESY & PUSHY.
  • Expert, but not too esoteric.
  • Fun to read but not childish.


  • Links must not be in the body of the article but rather listed at the end.
  • Only the source name marked as e.g. “Source: Salesforce” should be provided in case you are giving stats or graphs (no links to even the reputed sites).
  • We do not allow author bio unless you can prove yourself an influencer.

ADDITIONAL TIPS ON WRITING (Not Mandatory, but Desirable)

  • Audiences prefer, and remember good stories. So, be a storyteller.
  • Raise the pain points and offer solutions. A monotonous article heading in one direction ultimately becomes pushy.
  • Educate the audience on their difficulties and solutions to those difficulties.
  • Display and tell your users how something works just like a teacher.
  • Write in a conversational style.
  • Write with a single person in mind.
  • Write short sentences.
  • Engage by raising valid questions.
  • Use clear language so that everyone will understand what you’re trying to explain.
  • Spell out acronyms (like Blood Pressure for BP).
  • Don’t be robotic. Relay our personality and sense of humor without sounding crazy or childish.
  • Build trust by being consistent and authentic.


We strive to make our content as interesting as possible by taking into account the different forms in which the content can be used. Therefore, we encourage you to include images, graphs, and infographics in the content you provide. An article laden with images and graphs has an aesthetic value and pleases the reader and generates more interest in the article. Otherwise only text has a very low attention rate and we do not want our audience to be not attentive and just visit the site and leave. Here are certain criteria for using images in the article which you must follow to avoid rejection:

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