Medicoreach Empowers a Biomedical Imaging Systems Company to Expand Its Reach and Optimize Its ROI

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  • Nov 20, 2023
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Introducing the Client

The client is a German based medical company located in Boston metro area, pioneering the use of optoacoustic technology for biomedical imaging. Established in 2010, it has been developing and marketing optoacoustic imaging systems for preclinical research and clinical research as well. The client is a global leader in imaging systems, and its services have been successfully used worldwide for preclinical and clinical research for diseases like cancer, fibrosis, inflammation, and other disorders.

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    The client recently began optimizing their imaging systems to enable the ultra sound detection of various medical abnormalities or conditions. However, they encountered obstacles in this regard as they lacked sufficient data to collaborate with well-established radiologists and other healthcare professionals to reach their sales targets. The challenges faced by the client preventing them from targeting their marketing efforts in the right tangent include the following:

    • Huge data gaps that made reaching out to relevant prospects like radiologists and other healthcare professionals nearly impossible
    • Absence of valuable insights from radiologists and industry professionals to upgrade imaging systems for clinical use
    • Decreased sales ROI due to lack of access to verified leads to pitch their products

    In their quest to connect with the appropriate prospects relevant for their venture’s growth, the client approached MedicoReach.

    Solution Offered

    The client sought data assistance to connect with reputed radiologists, and other healthcare professionals performing ultra sound for detection of various medical conditions. Understanding the requirement of the client, the team of data experts at MedicoReach collated an accurate, verified, and up – to date data of radiologists and other healthcare professionals from a database of over 24K+ prospects, so that the client can easily zero in on their prospects. In accordance to the client’s need we customized the data solutions according to

    • Specialization
    • Years of experience
    • State-wise geographic location
    • Affiliated and associated healthcare facilities
    • And More!


    With the data assistance provided by MedicoReach, the client formulated an effective marketing strategy to meet their business objectives. Our data allowed them to witness marketing endeavors with an outstanding response, enhancing the reach of their products and services. Additionally, leveraging our data, the client accessed valuable insights from healthcare professionals allowing them to make necessary amends to their product. With effective product enhancement, and the right prospects at their behest the client successfully witnessed positive business outcomes.

    Summing up, MedicoReach assisted the client to

    • Increase their marketing campaigns reach and performance by more than 85%
    • Optimize their lead conversions by 5X times
    • Scale up business ROI and revenue margin
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