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Email Engagement Metrics of Different Devices

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No matter how many new channels of communication evolve, email still happens to be the most effective way of generating quality leads. Every day the number of email users is increasing and so are the opportunities for marketers to get themselves noticed via email marketing campaigns. When it comes to the B2B industry, email is the third most influential medium of information for professionals.

Although email still rules but there have been changes in the type of device people use to view their emails. Earlier, people mostly used the desktop to open their email accounts and go through it. However, now things have changed. Digitalization has paved the way for innovation in every sphere of life. Now, most of the email users prefer using mobile device or tablets to view emails. The convenience of using these devices from anywhere and anytime makes them popular among people of all ages. Even the busy B2B executives nowadays mostly use mobile to read emails. This sudden change in the email consumption has compelled marketers to design email templates that can be viewable on any device.

To know which device type drives what percentage of email engagement, download our statistics report to get an in-depth insight. From click-through rates to click rate by link depth, our report covers all the valuable metrics marketers must know before getting started with their next email campaign.

This market report will help healthcare marketers craft their email marketing strategies in a way that will make sure high level of engagement on any device.


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