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Dentists Email List

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Dentists Email List

More than 54,702 US dentists email addresses made available.

Discover and connect with dentist offices across the US with our accurate, validated, and verified dentist database.

Dentists or dental surgeons are medical professionals who are responsible for diagnosing, preventing and treating all dental problems and at times, perform minor surgeries. As with any other medical profession, they need a selection of medical equipment, products, supplies, and specialized tools to do their job more efficiently.

Segment our dentist database into following categories:

  • Years of experience
  • Specialty
  • Hospital affiliation
  • Type of practice
  • Licensing state
  • Geographic Locations
  • Patient count
  • And more.!


As a B2B business, this is an excellent opportunity to market dental services or products. And, to ensure that you get in touch with the right one, you’ll need to have access to an accurate contact list. This is where Dental Email List comes to play.

By leveraging an email list of dentists that is accurate and responsive, you can reach your prospects faster and with ease. Consequently, this will help your B2B business grow exponentially and also have an edge over your competitors.

Customize Your Dentist Email Addresses By Speciality:

Based on your business requirements, we allow you to target dentists by specialty:

Remember the numbers keep changing every day. So, connect with us to know the latest figures.

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Why Is Dentist Email List Important?

In short, if the top priority of your business is to grow and expand, it’s pivotal to have a dentist mailing list. The B2B arena is quite competitive and for your company to be successful, your marketing campaigns need the help of a profoundly insightful database.

Dirty data won’t be of any use, neither for your target audience nor your business. To effectively establish business communication with dentists across the US, you’ll have to capture their attention by leveraging an accurate, validated, and verified Dentist Email Database. And to access such a database, relying on our data experts will be the next best thing for your business.

We value our clients’ business and their time and that is why we work relentlessly to gather insights from the most reliable and trusted sources such as medical conferences, trade shows, seminars, medical directories, public and government records, and more. As such, we offer our clients access to dental mailing lists that are free from outdated, irrelevant, and duplicate information.

We are a B2B data provider that focuses on providing premium data-driven services to help our clients in reaching the best experts in the field. Building sustainable business relations and networking go hand in hand and we assure you that by leveraging our uniquely crafted list of highly-qualified dental surgeons, you can expect a high deliverability rate of 95%.

dentist by speciality

Get Wider Market Coverage

MedicoReach makes your message reach thousands of dentists who are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

total number of dentists in US by state

Reach Qualified Dentists With Ease

According to a  study, it was predicted that the overall number of dentists was 7 percent from 2018-2028. Compared to other professions, this growth is much faster. Additionally, the demand for services related to dental will surely grow as the population matures and studies continue to relate overall health with oral health.

Additionally, the 2018 report revealed that about 66.5% of the US adult population went to dentists. With our dental email lists, you can reach those dentists with ease. We can help you in expanding your coverage of healthcare organizations and dental professionals.

Aside from our highly responsive information from a wide demographic, we also offer numerous customization options. Rest assured as the data we deliver is 100% accurate and verified for optimum authenticity to ensure you meet your business goals. Additionally, we offer customized consultation and assistance to help you leverage your resources more efficiently.

Our Dentist Contact List Benefits:

  • For multichannel marketing initiatives, we present complete business data
  • To ensure successful telemarketing campaigns, we verify the data manually
  • The database is available in all formats (db, .csv, .txt, .xls, etc.)
  • Boost your campaign’s ROI
  • Saves both time & resources

Why Pick Us?

Here are a few points on why you should trust our service:

Human Intelligence:

Before delivering our dentists email database, it goes through a stringent verification process and is verified several times. To prevent any inaccuracy or error caused by AI, our expert data analysts and scientists give the final scrutiny.

Authentic Data:

We offer an authentic and genuine dentists database that helps generate qualified leads.

Customer Support:

Another reason why you should pick our service over others is because of our customer support. We have a team of reliable support staff readily available to offer assistance and answer any queries 24/7.

Reliability & Accuracy:

Our business data is reliable, accurate, and devoid of any error. This helps in reducing bounce rates and improves your sales.

Data Protection:

Every data we offer is gathered with consent as they are in compliance with data protection rights.

Achieve Your Business Goals With Our Dental Mailing List

Our unique and targeted Dentists Email List is the outcome of years of experience & great analysis. By leveraging this list, you can reach dental specialists in the US through multichannel marketing platforms to market your services and products.

Our experienced data team is responsible for formulating an authentic and legitimate Dentists Mailing List to help you improve your brand presence in your target market. We can also create a specialized list that suits your needs best. You can check our prepackaged lists based on:

  • The Office size
  • The dental school attended
  • State of license
  • The Dentists’ specialization, and more

With our dental contact database, you’ll be greeted with numerous business opportunities, greater response, and growth rates.

Why Choose MedicoReach?

  • Trusted and Verified Sources
  • Accurate targeting and maximum deliverability ratio
  • Responsive data at unbeaten price
  • Comprehensive database with no generic email addresses
  • Support for multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Customizable List

Dental Mailing List FAQ

Which sources do you rely on for gathering information?

Our dental mailing list is gathered ethically from multiple offline and online, non-government, and government sources such as dental conferences, alumni records, business cards, subscriptions, communities, forums, publications, interviews, seminars, events, company directories, government records, and many more.

What is the segmented dental mailing list and how does it help?

Segmented dental mailing list groups the data into separate ‘segments’ based on buyer-psychology, firmography, intent, demographic, etc. Such segmented lists help in making the data more actionable and responsive. It further helps b2b marketers to devise personalized marketing campaigns and initiatives for a greater impact and improved sales.

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If company growth is your number one priority, then contact us today. We have been in this business for a long time and have been helping various b2b companies reach their target prospects more effectively with very little effort. Invest in our dental database and reach seasoned dental professionals across the US.

Ready to have the best Dentists Email Data available in the market?

Sam Wilson, Consultant