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Dentists Email List

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Dentists Email List

More than 54,702 US dentists email addresses made available.

To meet the increasing demands in the field of dentistry, you need a database that is well managed and maintained including the task of keeping it updated, verified, cleansed and validated. Our accurate and targeted Dentist Email List and Dental Mailing List is a product of extensive research and years of experience.

With the help of our Dentist Email List, you get to explore market opportunities and contact existing as well as new dental professionals via email, mail or telephone to market your products and services.

Segment our Dentist Email Database into following categories:

  • Years of experience
  • Specialty
  • Hospital affiliation
  • Type of practice
  • Licensing state
  • Geographic Locations
  • Patient count
  • And more.!



Customize Your Dentist Email List and Dentists Database by:

Based on your business requirements, we allow you to target dentists by specialty:

Dentists Specialty No. of Email Addresses available
Dental Hygienist Specialists Email List 5,789
Endodontists Email List 7,645
Oral Pathologists Email List 4,678
Orthodontist Email List 9,687
Pediatric Dentists Email List 8,162
Periodontist Email List 35,698
Prosthodontists Email List 299
ADA Dentists Email List 18,517

Here is the data count for each of the specialty category email list. But, remember the numbers keep changing every day. So, connect with us to know the latest figures.

At MedicoReach, we have a team of expert professionals who makes sure that the database is filled with information collected from authentic and reliable sources. Our comprehensive and highly-competitive list guarantees high response and better conversions.

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Dentist by Specialty

Get Wider Market Coverage

MedicoReach makes your message reach thousands of dentists who are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Total Number of Dentists in the US by State (in numbers)

Dentists are not only responsible for the oral health of people but are also key decision makers in the dental department of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities when it comes to purchasing dental equipment and other medical supplies. Hence, targeting them would help sellers and manufacturers of dental products and services in promoting their business and alluring them to purchase from their brand. And to reach dentists at their valid email, mailing and telephone addresses, you need the support of a quality and reliable Dentist Email Database from MedicoReach.

The data available in the Dentist Email Addresses List has been segmented into different selects such as geography, years of experience, specialization, licensure state, gender, age, etc. Thus, customization of your list based on these specific categories becomes easier, allowing marketers to run targeted campaigns in the healthcare market.

Dentists Count in the US Based on Multiple Selects

Dentists by Age (in %)

Dentists by Gender (in %)

Male Dentists by Age (in %)

Female Dentists by Age (in %)

Why Choose MedicoReach?

  • Trusted and Verified Sources
  • Accurate targeting and maximum deliverability ratio
  • Responsive data at unbeaten price
  • Comprehensive database with no generic email addresses
  • Support for multichannel marketing campaigns
  • Customizable List

Ready to have the best Dentists Mailing List available in the market?

Sam Wilson, Consultant