Do Not Sell My Info!

MedicoReach cares about your
data rights

At MedicoReach, we believe in complying with the rules and regulations so that our clients and site visitors face no hurdles of data misuse or information leakage.

What are the benefits of adding “Business Information” with us at MedicoReach?

We understand your concerns and take sole responsibility for securing it by all means.

We aim to promote only your most relevant business details (not personal insights) while boosting your network expansion.

Our database enables the business professionals to ensure you fit their business requirements and offer opportunities that add value to your position.

We actively track alterations and achievements within your business profile for updated and latest information accessibility.

We connect you with our global sources to potential professionals that align with your business objective. Therefore, strengthening your future.

*Note: However, a recent amendment passed in April exempts employee information from the regulation.

Request Modification/ Deletion of Your Data from MedicoReach

If you wish to make any modifications to your existing details in our recorded data or make a choice to remove your complete information, you are requested to submit the opt-out form to make those changes.

We will assist you with data modification/ deletion as per your request from our end as soon as possible.

More Info on MedicoReach Privacy

For your reference, here are some of the links to our Data privacy and related areas.

* For further details about GDPR, CCPA compliance, do check the official website for more accurate information.

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