Healthcare Marketing Survey amidst COVID-19

At Medicoreach, we want to analyze and understand the changing dynamics of B2B marketing campaigns in times of sudden outbreak of COVID-19. The survey holds questions that are related to your business techniques and marketing practices. Since the market is experiencing a shift, we aim to understand our clients’ current position in their respective businesses. The survey will help us get to the depth of understanding about your marketing campaigns process so that we can extend our support to elevate your data-driven campaigns. We wish to provide you the best data solutions now and forever.

    Let’s Start the Survey!

    1. Do you think business will rebound in 2-3 months?
    2. Did you reduce your marketing budgets?
    3. Which sectors of healthcare industry has been highly affected?
    4. Did you start remote selling(Digital Transformation)?
    5. Please estimate any revenue decline you've experienced as a result of COVID-19, if applicable.
    6. Are you currently running email campaigns on COVID-19?
    7. How much CTR and the open rate does your campaigns generate?
    8. How effective has been the email marketing for your business?
    9. Are you using any other Digital Marketing channels apart from email marketing for your business?
    10. Have you done any employee hiring in the pandemic?

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