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Email campaigns in the medical, dental & healthcare industries witnesses an average open rate of 22.76% & a click-through rate of 3.07%

Inbound marketing can deliver 54% more leads into your healthcare marketing funnel.

From a recent study, 54% of patients are very comfortable with their providers seeking advice from online communities to better treat their conditions.

It costs nearly $250 billion to process 30 billion healthcare transactions each year

26% of all hospitals in the US participate in social media.

81% of people click on a sponsored link when looking for health information

18 to 24 years olds are more than 2x as likely than 45 to 54 year old to use socialmedia for health related discussions

content marketing effective in healthcare firms

Content marketing has proven to be very effective for healthcare firms and that is why 60% of the companies plan to increase their content budget in 2017.

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To research on pharmaceutical, biotech & medical devices 88% of physicians are mostly found using socialmedia & internet


B2B healthcare firms measure success in terms of leads, website traffic and social media engagement


41% of marketers consider webinars as an effective tactic to drive revenue

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29% of patients view other patients’ experiences with their disease on social media


Email Messages withnesses 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher CTR on an average.


For every $1 invested, email marketing generates an average return of $38


Medical device industry is about to grow significantly through 2019, reaching a value of $173 billion