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  • Jan 19, 2023
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Meet the Client

The client is a public research institution situated in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was established in 1817. It is one of the oldest universities, ranking in top 10 amongst the major research centers concerning expenditures in America. The University is renowned for contributing significantly to the country’s citations and publications. The institution conducts multiple research programs in the areas of population health, global research capacity generation and gerontology assessment and practice.

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    The University planned to carry out studies for analyzing the health of the citizens of Michigan using the subscribers base of Medicare and Medicaid Services. The institution faced multiple bottlenecks in accumulating the data of the target masses for a survey and random research report creation. The main complications observed by the public research facility included:

    • Inability to access the target subscribers using Medicare and Medicaid services
    • Lack of accurate and detailed information about the users
    • The magnitude of time and effort required to acquire the data of a large number of subscribers
    • Limited access to the Medicare and Medicaid subscribers’ database without ownership of the details
    • Poor engagement rate of the available users of the services in the research campaign


    We realized that the client requires a precise directory along with access to a large population of Michigan subscribing to Medicare and Medicaid Services. We analyzed that the educational institution needed the participation of a vast population to derive the correct conclusions in their study.

    We helped them by collating an accurate database of subscribers in old age according to their research requirements. We furnished more than 250k and 260k contacts for Medicaid and Medicare users, respectively. We ensured that the database was up-to-date for the University to get the information required for their research.

    We availed them of the details of the Michigan residents by verifying and validating the entered datasets. We employed diverse manual and automated processes to ensure a redundancy-free directory of the Medicare and Medicaid services users.

    Final Result

    Our assessment and assistance turned the research campaign of public research institution into a great success. By using our validated databases, the institution reached out to the subscribers and received impressive responses from the target audience in their campaign. In fact, our collaboration helped them attain a staggering 30% increase in the engagement rate.

    Using our directories with qualified contacts, the research institute successfully concluded its randomized trial for examining resilience with age.

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