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  • Jul 25, 2022
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Client Background

The client is a Healthcare and Wellness Management company that owns a flagship voice-enabled virtual healthcare assistant platform with 150 years of combined medical experience in the industry. Founded in 2018 in Wayne, PA, the application was built to reduce the burden on the current healthcare system and help people manage their health through a sophisticated AI-powered tool.  It targets caregivers, home care facilities, and insurance companies to keep track of their administrative and functional services. The platform’s voice recognition technology goes far and beyond to provide consumers with HIPAA-compliant features, such as:

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    • Lucid and accurate Healthcare Information
    • Live Tracking of the consumer’s vitals with personalized benefits
    • Easy-to-handle tools that simplify businesses’ employee health plans
    • Cost-effective resources with a virtual assistant to answer any related queries


    However novel the application was, it did face a few setbacks while trying to reach the entire US market.

    • The company lacked insights into prospective clients and needed to identify the target group.
    • They did not own the right database to plan and execute the right marketing strategies.
    • Consequently, their client reach was under par with poor response rates.


    MedicoReach took measures to address the issues faced by the client. We understood that the client needed a verified database of nurses, to begin with.

    Our data experts set out to compile a qualitative segmented Nurses email and mailing lists containing 520k+ authenticated contact information.

    Nurses were the ideal targets because, as primary caregivers, they constantly monitored and interacted with patients.

    Using the comprehensive contact list, the company discovered ideal clients and gained insights into the data-driven marketing approach.

    Evidently, the enterprise’s reach was exponential, with exceptional response rates.


    On-time delivery of solutions and services helped the company achieve:

    • A massive 40% increase in reaching prospects (Nurses) across the US.
    • An engagement rate of 6% with improved VR app patient experience
    • Sales revenue and brand reach by 10X
    • A maximum response rate of 25%
    • Email deliverability rate of 97%
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