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The Pregnancy Mailing List is a list of expected mothers who are preparing for childbirth in the upcoming months. The Pregnancy Mailing List consists of details such as name, postal address, email address, contact details, age, location, occupation, income, and similar allied details. These pregnant women are undergoing the maternity period wherein they would require nutritious food, regular visits to the gynecologists, medicines, supplements, booking maternity hospital, etc. for smooth childbirth and for the arrival of a healthy baby.

Apart from their own requirements, the expected mothers also plan to buy various products and services for the newborn such as clothes, baby food, footwear, books, beddings, hygiene and cleaning supplies, skincare and bathing essentials, and more such products. Post-natal, the new mothers also need to consult with the paediatricians and other specialists for the newborns at the time of vaccination, nursing, weaning, teething, etc.

Thus, the Pregnancy email & mailing List is of great relevance and interest for the marketers of various industries who are looking to target the expected mothers to market their products and services. Hence, all the companies that offer products and services related to prenatal and postnatal will be interested in the Pregnancy email List. Industries such as healthcare, baby food producers, newborn clothes manufacturers, nursing supplies, cleaning essentials, etc. can use this pregnancy email database for reaching out to the prospects and expanding their business in local and international markets.

Our Pregnancy Email List Consists of the Following Fields:

  • Full Name
  • Location
  • Ailment
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Income (Household)
  • Many more

What is a Pregnancy Mailing List?

Pregnancy Mailing List is an exhaustive list of expected mothers with the expected month or week of giving birth. This list is carefully collected from various online and offline sources such as online surveys, healthcare centres, direct surveys, direct calling, etc. and through various other trusted and verified sources. Hence, the database provided in the Pregnancy Mailing List is original, updated and accurate. Besides, these pregnant women have agreed to be contacted for various products and services of their preference and choice.

This data is extremely huge as it covers the details of expected mothers located in USA. Marketers can contact and engage the targeted expected mothers through emails, tele-calling, direct mailing, and other suitable approaches for generating prospective leads.

Why Choose MedicoReach’s Pregnancy Mailing List?

  • Data gathered from trusted sources
  • Get reliable, latest, and verified data for various successful marketing campaigns.
  • Time-saving, cost-saving and effortless method of obtaining database
  • Increase conversion rate, generate more leads and boost ROI
  • Reach out to new prospects in the local and international market
  • Download databases in your preferred format of .cvs, .txt., .xls, etc.

What are the benefits of the Pregnancy Mailing List provided by MedicoReach?

When marketers opt for Pregnancy Mailing List from MedicoReach, then the marketers can save a lot of time, money, human resources, and effort on collecting the data of expected mothers when planning to approach them. The companies can get ready-to-use data that are reliable, updated and correct. Moreover, MedicoReach takes every possible step to make sure that the data remains fresh with periodic cleansing and scrubbing of the list.

Moreover, this data is excellent to be employed by various industries since the database can be customized according to the requirement of the user in terms of location, age, occupation, etc. of the expected mothers.

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