Digitalization is Transforming the Email Behavior of Healthcare Providers

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Digitalization has been a blessing for industries across the globe. While some have been a fast in adopting latest technologies, others have been slow in embracing the digital wave. Healthcare industry has been one such sector where digital intrusion took pace steadily but soon expanded throughout leaving a strong impact on healthcare businesses.

As most of the patients are available online on various social platforms, connecting and communicating with them have become easier and faster for healthcare providers to market their products and services. Hence, for sending marketing messages or campaigns, healthcare marketers prefer digital marketing channels as they not only get access to budget-friendly marketing tools but also can reach to a wider audience just at the tip of a single click on the ‘send’ button.

Digitalization is transforming the email behavior of healthcare providers

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In our whitepaper, we cover the following information and analysis for your future reference:

  • Use of Email Devices by Doctors and Dentists
  • The Most Preferred Email Client
  • Physician’s Top Email Clients
  • Dentist’s Top Email Client
  • Key Elements of Designing Email Campaigns based on Device Type
  • The Concluding Note

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