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  • Jul 09, 2020
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Austin, TX, Jul 9, 2020: MedicoReach has established certain statistics based on a recently performed survey to estimate the current scenario of B2B marketers and their plights. We aim to provide you with the solution based on frequent issues faced by your company in this adverse time. To analyze the status, we had put across a set of questions focused on general issues that are bound to occur. Marketers can avail our services during the lockdown as we seek to assist from a distance with the best use of the internet.

In the times of COVID-19, the healthcare industry is facing fluctuation in demand and supply. Many marketers claimed that their ongoing campaigns are halted, and many are yet to begin. The glitch is due to a shortage of quality databases. As we know, the plight is significant, but we also know that people are more hooked to phones and computers at this time. Therefore, an email marketing campaign is best suited to reach the prospective client base. It is suggestive that you transform the obstacle into an opportunity with our help.

Read the Complete Survey Report Here: Healthcare Industry Marketing Survey amidst Covid-19

We believe there have been multiple setbacks faced by the marketers due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. There’s a visible downfall in the employment generation. About 80% of participants in our survey has generated zero employment. Another factor is the decline in revenue estimation. The marketing campaigns are not performing decent enough. The cause is COVID-19’s sudden impact on the business world. Email marketing is one of the rays of hopes that still holds the potential to boost ROI and sales. We aim to provide services that better the digits and put the working back on track.

About MedicoReach

MedicoReach is a renowned and reliable service-providing company for the healthcare B2B industry. The company aims at providing a global level contact list to its clients, which is accurate, authentic, and robust. The listings include healthcare executives, professionals, top-most individuals, manufacturers, suppliers, and many more to accelerate marketing. The multi-channel and comprehensive database consists of more than 8 million records. These records are quarterly updates to retain its value. We also provide abundant lists of nurses email list, therapist email list, pharmaceutical, etc. MedicoReach works on various spheres of the healthcare sector. We offer information concerning demographic location, job title, position, years of experience, etc.

Please Note: The database offered by MedicoReach is compliant with GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM, and other vital regulations to safeguard the final quality of the database that reaches its clients.

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