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  • Jun 11, 2024
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Top 12 hematology companies


With the hematology market at a whopping $941.8 million in 2023 and a prediction that the CAGR would be more than 4% from 2023 to 2033, it is high time that this market needs to be harnessed. Businesses can make the best use of the potentially powerful hematology market to be at the forefront.

The landscape of hematology is constantly transforming and evolving. Leading hematology companies are responsible for bringing about evolutionary changes in healthcare with innovative ideas and products. This blog highlights the key industry forerunners in the global hematology space by depicting their contributions and impact on the healthcare spectrum.

Top 12 Hematology Companies

Here are the top 12 hematology companies and the products that have made them reach the top status:

1.  Roche


Roche was founded and headquartered in Switzerland, 1896 and has its North American headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Roche is the world’s largest biotech company, having differentiated pharmaceuticals in immunology, ophthalmology, oncology, infectious diseases and diseases pertaining to the nervous system. It is globally a leading supplier of automated blood-, urine- and tissue-based diagnostic solutions.

CEO: Severin Schwan

Company revenue: $68.8 billion

Employee size: 103,605

Contact number: +41 616881111


  • Hemophilia A blockbuster Hemlibra
  • Antibody-drug conjugate Polivy
  • T-cell engagers – Lunsumio and Columvi
  • And more

2.  Merck


Merck is headquartered in Rahway, New Jersey, 1891.

Merck’s focus is on making positive impact for clients with blood cancers and hence on the spectrum of hematology.

CEO: Rob Davis

Company revenue: $60.1 billion

Employee size: 70,000

Phone number: (908) 740-4000


  • KEYTRUDA – its anti-PD-1 therapy
  • Favezelimab (anti-LAG-3 antibody)
  • Nemtabrutinib (reversible, non-covalent Bruton’s tyrosine kinase [BTK] inhibitor)
  • Zilovertamab vedotin (antibody pharmaceutical conjugate targeting receptor tyrosine kinase-like orphan receptor [ROR1])
  • And more

3.  Abbott Laboratories


Abbott was founded and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, 1988.

At the top of the leading hematology companies, Abbott’s core business focus is on nutritional products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and cardiovascular.

CEO: Robert Ford

Company revenue: $40.1 billion

Employee size: 114,000

Contact number: (224) 667-6100


  • Standalone hematology analyzer – the Alinity h-series integrated system
  • CELL-DYN Emerald 22 – for smaller clinical laboratories employing numeric keypad entry, reagent tray and an integrated color touchscreen monitor
  • And more

4.  Takeda


Takeda is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, 1781 and Cambridge, Massachusetts in USA.

With more than 75 years of experience in producing plasma-derived therapies for various rare diseases, Takeda is the second leading company in blood plasma products. Giving priority to its clients, this global biopharmaceutical company heavily encourages R & D for improving global health. The core therapeutic and business areas include vaccines, neuroscience, oncology, plasma-derived therapies, rare diseases and gastrointestinal and inflammation cures.

CEO: Christophe Weber

Company revenue: $28.2 billion

Employee size: 49,095

Contact number: +81 332782111


  • And more

5.  Siemens Healthineers


Siemens Healthineers is headquartered in Erlangen, Germany with management in Malvern, Pennsylvania, 2017.

With accurate testing results, Siemen Healthineers has hematology systems that use the concept of practical automation. Laboratories incorporating them achieve optimum patient management, better productivity and a streamlined workflow at a lower cost and no track-based systems. Their robust research and development framework has majorly contributed to the hematology industry.

CEO: Su Shan

Company revenue: $23.8 billion

Employee size: 71,400

Contact number: +49 8001881885


  • ADVIA 560 and 560 AL systems
  • Scorpio Digital Morphology Systems
  • Hematek 3000 System
  • And more

6.  Alexion Pharmaceuticals


Alexion Pharmaceuticals is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, 1992.

Dealing with a pipeline of rare diseases in cardiology, metabolics, neurology, nephrology and hematology, Alexion Pharmaceuticals has its concentrated research for novel molecules and targets in the complement cascade and its development efforts on hematology. It has more than 3 decades of research and 2 decades of real-world evidence to back it.

CEO: Marc Dunoyer

Company revenue: $6.1 billion

Employee size: 4,000

Phone number: (475) 230-2596


  • ULTOMIRIS IV – for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant-Associated Thrombotic Microangiopathy (HSCT-TMA)
  • And more

7.  Sysmex Corporation


Sysmex Corporation is headquartered in Hyogo, Japan, 1968 with its US headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illinois.

An international leader in clinical hematology analyzers, information and services, Sysmex Corporation, originally known as TOA Medical Electronics, develops, manufactures and delivers laboratory testing reagents and laboratory equipment. Sysmex America has received FDA clearance for residual white blood cell counting.

CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu

Company revenue: $3 billion

Employee size: 9,812

Phone number: (847) 996-4500


  • Scalable automation – XN-9100TM and RU-20TM
  • XN SeriesTM Automated Hematology Complementary Products – BT-50TM, TA-01TM and TS-01TM
  • Compact Automation – XN-1000TM, XN-2000TM and XN-3100TM
  • Hematology & Informatics Solutions – Alifax® Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzer Series, Cell Image Analysis and Informatics Solutions
  • And more

8.  Ortho Clinical Diagnostics


Ortho Clinical Diagnostics is headquartered in Linden, New Jersey, 1939.

This company has developed an automated hematology analyzer, semi-automatic immunohematology analyzer, antibody antiserum, medical software, gel reader and laboratory software.

CEO: Christopher Smith

Company revenue: $1.8 billion

Employee size: 268

Contact number: +1-800-828-6316


  • Ortho Connect Lab Management Software
  • Ortho Verseia Integrated Processor
  • Ortho Vision Swift Immunohematology Products
  • Ortho Workstation Immunohematology Analyzer
  • Vitros Duo and Duo+
  • And more

9.  Editas Medicine


Editas is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2013.

Editas has developed treatments for Leber congenital amaurosis, usher syndrome, beta-thalassemia, alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis and more.

CEO: Gilmore O’Neill

Company revenue: $78.1 million

Employee size: 265

Contact number: (617) 401-9000


  • EDIT-301 – for treating severe sickle cell disease
  • EdiTHAL – for transfusion-dependent beta thalassemia
  • And more

10.  Caribou Biosciences


Caribou Biosciences is headquartered in Berkeley, California, 2011.

Caribou Biosciences is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is concentrating on the development of genome-edited allogenic cell therapies to treat diseases. They are seeking a breakthrough for the chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cellular therapies for hematologic malignancies and autoimmune diseases. This breakthrough is bound to revolutionize the hematology industry.

CEO: Rachel Haurwitz, PhD

Company revenue: $34.6 million

Employee size: 137

Contact number: (510) 982-6030


  • Hematologic malignancies – CB-010, CB-011 and CB-012
  • Autoimmune diseases – CB-010
  • And more

11.  Kura Oncology


Kura Oncology is headquartered in San Diego, California, 2014.

Kura Oncology is one of the top hematology companies striving to create precision medicines to treat blood cancers and solid tumors. With targeted treatment procedures, they want their clients to achieve long-lasting healthy results. This clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company’s pharmaceutical treats protein-protein interaction and contains alpha inhibitors.

CEO: Troy E. Wilson, PhD, JD

Company revenue: $23.1 million

Employee size: 142

Contact number: (858) 500-8800


  • Ziftomenib [Menin Inhibitor]
  • Tipifarnib [Farnesyl Transferase Inhibitors (FTI)]
  • KO-2806 [Next-Generation FTI]

12.  Frontera Therapeutics


Frontera Therapeutics is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, 2019.

The tip of the gene therapy development minefield, Frontera Therapeutics has world-class expert teams working on clinical research, in-house GMP manufacturing, process and analytical development, translational sciences, and gene therapy vector design and disease biology. It touches a major part of the hematology market.

CEO: Xinyan Li, PhD

Company revenue: <$5 million

Employee size: 70

Phone number: (617) 546-7300


Additional gene therapies in IND-enabling (investigational new drug) studies for rare ophthalmic diseases:

  • FT004 – for hemophilia B
  • FT005 – for another hematological indication
  • And more

Summing Up

The leading hematology companies are not just aiding care delivery but also contributing to the advancement of healthcare. These companies are revolutionizing hematology research and developments with radical diagnostics and hyper-personalized precise pharmaceutical solutions. By examining these trailblazers, healthcare providers and organizations can perceive the latest healthcare technology trends that are modeling the future of hematology.

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