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  • Jun 21, 2024
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Cosmetic surgery market is a spectrum that deals with practices used for improving the aesthetic appearance through surgical procedures. It is different from plastic surgery, as plastic surgery is about procedures that are responsible for restoring the body’s normal appearance and function whereas cosmetic surgery focuses exclusively on beauty and aesthetics.

The international cosmetic surgery market size was estimated to grow from $59.77 billion in 2024 to $81.66 billion by 2032, demonstrating a CAGR of 4% during this forecast period. North America alone was liable for a market value of $18.1 billion in 2023. This region’s dominance is due to many highly qualified plastic surgeons conducting myriad cosmetic procedures and the growing number of aesthetic clinics in the U.S. and Canada. Also, the most advanced aesthetic devices are being adopted in the industry practices. This further fuels the demand for cosmetic surgery in this region.

Top 10 Cosmetic Surgery Companies in US

It is imperative to know about the top cosmetic surgery companies to learn the best about the market. Here are the top 10 who have shined above their competitors and proved their determination to win in the industry:



MENTOR, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, specializes in reconstruction and aesthetics. It creates tissue expanders, implants and the corresponding products for reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Their aim is to help their users uphold, improve and reestablish their self-esteem and quality of life by providing various innovative and clinical-based solutions.

Location: New Jersey


Established year: 1969 – acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 2009

Revenue: $85.2 billion

2.  AbbVie Inc.


AbbVie is a biopharmaceutical company that designs and commercializes visionary restoratives, including dermatology and aesthetics products. It delivers aesthetic treatments of BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVEDERM® dermal fillers to handle facial volume loss and wrinkles. AbbVie’s mission is to uncover and provide visionary solutions that manage complicated issues and improve users’ lives. Their leaders are guardians of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) mission and their employees are dedicated to assuring that their research, innovations and collaborations positively impact the community.

Location: Illinois


Established year: 2013 – separated from Abbott (which was founded in 1888)

Revenue: $54.3 billion

3.  Cynosure


Cynosure, a subsidiary of Hologic, is a frontrunner in laser and energy-based aesthetic systems. Its platforms offer procedures for vascular lesions, skin tightening, body sculpting, hair removal and various cosmetic concerns. Cynosure’s innovative products are utilized worldwide by physicians, aesthetic business owners and other healthcare practitioners to enhance their practices with a comprehensive array of laser and RF technologies and technical, clinical and support services.

Location: California


Established year: 1991

Revenue: $351 million

4.  Cutera


Cutera is a medical device company exclusively working with laser and energy-based aesthetic systems. Its platforms offer treatments for multiple cosmetic concerns, such as laser skin regeneration, hair removal and body contouring. For over 25 years, they’ve founded a legacy of originality and engineering and demonstrated partnership by bringing new power to practices globally. Cutera was established by veteran laser and optical engineers who anticipated that technology can be pushed beyond its limits. Cutera has evolved into a global leader in dermatology and aesthetics devices that fascinate forward-thinkers pursuing the next generation of performance, safety and effectiveness.

Location: California


Established year: 1998

Revenue: $212.4 million

5.  Schweiger Dermatology


Schweiger Dermatology is an all-around dermatology practice with numerous locations in New York City, including Midtown, Midtown West, Flatiron District and Financial District. Under the management of dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger, it is staffed with board-certified dermatologists, physician assistants and a plastic surgeon. Schweiger Dermatology in NYC is committed to handling all skin care needs, both cosmetic and medical.

Location: New York


Established year: 2010

Revenue: $94.4 million

6.  Sientra, Inc.


Sientra is a medical aesthetics establishment with body contouring creations and implants. It develops and markets a range of implants, including tissue expanders and silicone gel implants, for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. Sientra delivers leading transformative treatments and technologies concentrated on advancing the art of plastic surgery and making a difference in users’ lives. With unbeatable protection, cutting-edge science and superior service, their portfolio of exclusive inventions clearly shows how plastic surgeons can care for their customers.

Location: California


Established year: 2003

Revenue: $90.3 million

7.  Apyx Medical


Apyx Medical, originally Bovie Medical Corporation, is a medical technology company working in energy-based surgical devices. It provides solutions for aesthetic procedures such as soft tissue surgery, skin resurfacing and facial reconstruction. As an energy technology company, it creates, develops and fabricates medical devices in the United States and globally. The company works via 2 segments: Advanced Energy and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM).

Location: Florida


Established year: 1982

Revenue: $48.7 million

8.  Persimmon


Persimmon is an in-home aesthetics telehealth company that delivers treatments such as chemical peels, Botox, micro-needling and hair rejuvenation. Persimmon’s expanding suite of services contains a collection of customized treatments tailored to client needs. Clients can pick a highly trained, local nurse provider and organize their select treatments. The company is boosting the medical aesthetics market while enhancing the lives and well-being of thousands of nurses.

Location: California


Established year: 2021

Revenue: $4-6 million

9.  Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, PC (New York Plastic Surgical Group)


Long Island Plastic Surgical Group (LIPSG) is one of the most prominent cosmetic surgery companies in the USA. This group performs various cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures, such as rhinoplasty, augmentation, body contouring and facelifts. The physicians at New York Plastic Surgical Group (NYPS Group) have a history of pursuing and conducting some of the most complicated cases in the field. Through this work, they stay faithful to refining the lives of cosmetic and reconstructive clients worldwide.

Location: New York


Established year: 1948

Revenue: <$5 million

10.  Peachy


Peachy runs Botox studios that deliver sunscreen products, prescription retinoids and wrinkle treatments. They’ve developed and used the very best AI technology to constantly revamp the quality of their treatments while furnishing a magical in-studio experience. Peachy has 3 investors, including Top Knot Ventures and Talent Resource Ventures.

Location: New York


Established year: 2019

Revenue: <$5 million


Nowadays, the demand for reconstruction and beauty consciousness has increased among the masses, driving the need for more cosmetic products, services and equipment which was possible with the latest innovations in the healthcare industry. The top cosmetic surgery companies are contributing to the cosmetic industry with their advanced products, equipment and latest technologies.

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