Medicoreach Helps A Reputed Cloud Based Solution Provider Company With 3x Increase In Sales

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  • May 26, 2021
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About the Client :

Recently we assisted and helped a client with our healthcare data solution services that are located in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific.  They provide SaaS solutions within IT, IoT, and MedTech industries.  This client works to provide cloud platforms to business organizations that reduce complexity and boosts revenue. This company works by understanding the requirements of the business and providing a cloud based solution based on the data.  Various IT businesses have benefited from our client and there is a number of technology vendors, distributors, resellers as well as service providers who have adopted these spreadsheets, teams and other tools for the management of the business and their strategies.  This IT service provider company was launched in 2008 and now it owns and manages more than $ 20 million worth of assets and is trusted by some of the well-known IT companies.

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    The Challenges Faced by the Client before taking the services of MedicoReach:

    This cloud-based storage provider-client was struggling to reach out to prospective customers.  He was unable to find a reliable source and the data to contact the potential customers and increase their sales. No wonder the business of this client was getting affected due to the lack of reliable data and sources to find leads.  Besides, they wanted to reach out to Medical device manufacturers which itself is a tough niche to contact.

    They tried their best to find out the leads or database for the Medical device manufacturers that is absolutely fresh and ready to use for marketing campaigns. They tried various online sources, tele-calling, direct mailing, and even interviewed a few candidates to do the survey and create the database.  The process was not only time-consuming but also expensive as they had to hire new employees who were not able to generate the desired results.

    After several failed attempts, somehow they contacted MedicoReach to get the details of the updated and relevant list of the Medical device manufacturers who are located in the USA as well as the Asia Pacific region.  They informed clearly about their present situation and the struggle behind attaining the right data for their company.  Further, they clarified the kind of content they would require, that is, the customized version of the data that is most suitable to maintain the relevancy of their targeted customers according to the location, products and size of the organization.

    The solution offered by us:

    The client wanted a list basically that consisted of the accurate and fresh contact details of the targeted potential customers. The details should be in the form of the name, contact details, email id and other requisites pertaining to the B2B marketing.  When we understood their requirement, our team of experts and data professionals began to source the data from various sources to generate a customized and verified Medical Device Manufacturers List of their clients. MedicoReach provided an extremely authentic and trusted list for B2B targeted contacts so this client can get the opportunities to grow their customers and provide their services to them.

    Result achieved by the Client:

    Our client was highly impressed by the quality of the Medical device manufacturers list provided within such a short period of time which is absolutely perfect.

    Earlier they were not very sure if the list would meet their expectations. However, when put to use, they find the results achieved were outstanding and commendable. The client could manage to increase their reachability to a huge number of prospective customers.

    As a result, they observed that they could improve their sales up to 3X times higher due to the verified and updated targeted list of Medical device manufacturers list who are seeking such services as provided by this client.

    This client reached their targeted prospects with a high delivery rate of 97%. Looking at the higher sales and customer base developed by our client, we managed to help not only our client but also help him attain more business in the USA and the Asia Pacific region.

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