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Public Health Nurses (PHNs)

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Public Health Nurses (PHNs)

The term public health nurse came was coined by a nurse named Lillian Wald in the United States in the year 1893. Also known as community health nursing, public health nursing refers to a specialized nursing practice that revolves around public health. As trained and educated professionals in the field, public health nurses work towards educating public on health practices that can help prevent illness or an injury. The primary objective of these nurses is to deliver quality care that help keep the surrounding as well as individual homes safe and free from diseases.

A public health nurse functions in four phases during the time of a health disaster including prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. From working in the Army public health nursing facility to working in community centers or hospitals, public nurses have to do their job in different settings. Their primary job role includes:

  • Developing education programs to teach good health habits to people
  • Work towards improving worker’s health and safety
  • Identify and address health issues in individuals that may affect the community at large
  • Be quick enough to respond to emergency situations
  • Keep an eye on workplace safety arrangements
  • Create plans for emergency situations like natural disasters