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Cardiology is that branch of science that deals with diseases related to the heart. A physician who specializes in the treatment of heart defects, heart failure, coronary artery disease and all other heart-related abnormalities are called cardiologists.

Cardiac surgeons are not the same as cardiologists. A cardiologist will never operate the patient with a heart problem. They will diagnose and treat them through medication. While a cardiac surgeon performs a surgical procedure to cure the heart disease or disorder, however, when it comes to inserting pacemaker and stents, cardiologists are the one who does the job.

To diagnose cardiovascular disorders, a Cardiologist may have to perform the different assessment and examination tests like a cardiac stress test, magnetic resonance imaging, echocardiography, blood test, etc. Based on the specialization, cardiology has many branches such as adult cardiology, Clinical cardiac electrophysiology, Echocardiography, pediatric cardiology, interventional cardiology, Cardiac electrophysiology, Cardiogeriatrics, etc.



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