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Bariatric Physician

Bariatric Physician

Bariatrics is the medical branch that deals with the treatment of obese and overweight patients by recommending healthy lifestyle changes like exercise, diet, medication, etc. and other weight loss strategies. The physician specializing in the field of bariatric medicine is referred to as Bariatric Physician or Bariatric Doctor.

The essential requirement for a candidate to become a bariatric specialist is to become a physician first. In order to become a physician, the candidate will have to acquire an MD degree for which completing a four-year bachelor’s degree. After finishing the same, the candidate will have to take four more years of medical school. Also, undertaking a residency program and passing the United States Medical Licensing Exam is a must to get licensed as a physician finally. And then comes the specialization part for which the candidate will have to take advanced training in obesity medicine and get certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine.

Sam Wilson, Consultant