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  • Jun 04, 2020
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About the Client :

The client we recently worked with is the healthcare company that executes marketing campaigns designed to enhance attendance at medical seminars to expand market share. It has collaborated with 615 healthcare companies and counting more. With more than 4000 marketing campaigns, they have shown their excellence by all means. They are in the business world since 2002 and making a worthy contribution in all forms. It is a New York-based company that provides daily productivity and quality services. To enhance professional skills, the company is dedicated to offering high-quality marketing services.

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    The Challenges of the Company:

    The client came with a specific requirement. Being a healthcare marketing services company, they were looking for expansion of their horizon in the healthcare sector to hold a brand name. Their targeted audience was people from all spheres of the healthcare field through seminars and events as well as digital platforms. To connect prominent persons from the healthcare sector with the clients, they create specific strategies. The company plans on running online as well as offline campaigns to start the communication and convert them into potential leads.

    The client was clear of the vision they were seeking from us. They specified the kind of list they wanted, and we aimed to deliver the same. They told us that before coming to us, they had followed with other service providers too. However, they had not received any positive results. Henceforth, it became our due responsibility to ensure they do not face the same difficulty with us. Their real challenge was to find the right marketing database provider who can give them the access to the potential contacts from all across the healthcare industry.

    They reached us through reviews and positive feedbacks they had witnessed from our clients. Since most marketing companies have a robust campaign, what they lack is an impressive list of clients they can approach. We at Medicoreach aim to provide that missing piece of the puzzle to enhance their marketing campaigns. We had understood their objectives and worked towards aspiring them. By adhering to our commitment of providing best-quality data, we took up the challenge and tried to generate a result-driven list.

    Our Solution for the Client:

    It has been a significant duration that we are into providing the healthcare databases to all sorts of clients. We always aim at delivering a customized list of contacts of the healthcare professionals. Our team consists of experienced researchers and data scientists who work in sync and make sure that we deliver the best data with complete verification and validation. It gets delivered on time to the client.

    At Medicoreach, our aim is not just to provide a data requirement but also to ensure it is potential enough to boost the response, sales, and lead generation. We develop an authentic healthcare professionals list from our trusted outlets. Our data sources are vast in a range which includes, market surveys, healthcare magazines, seminars and events, medical directories, websites, conferences, trade shows, and much more. Further, we verify the data for each client if at all, the records have changed. By understanding the cliental requirements, we aim to create the data with clarity and originality to the most.

    The Outcome:

    A happy client is an aim that we pursue at Medicoreach. The client wanted to establish their presence in the market and serve their business better with proper marketing practices. For that, they wanted a relevant, active, and robust B2B contact list of healthcare professionals. When we identified their requirements and provided them with the list consisting of contact information of their kind, they were ecstatic. Since they had initially been disappointed by previous service providers, we aimed at giving them a stress-free experience. They received an on-time delivery of data.

    We are fortunate to satisfy them. When we receive positive feedback, it serves the return of our effort. Their campaigns worked effectively with our list and helped in generating leads too. Their pleasing feedback has given us the motivation to serve each client better.

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