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  • Nov 03, 2021
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Did you know that the healthcare fabrics market is growing at an unprecedented level?

If it keeps expanding at this rate, the market will acquire a whopping revenue of USD 23.3 billion by the end of 2025. Moreover, it was USD 16.8 billion back in 2020, alluding to a CAGR growth of 6.7%!

Each of the medical fabrics used in the healthcare sector has different applications and specifications. For example, some require polyester, whereas others have fire-resistant materials.

Indeed, getting the right medical materials in your fabric will be beneficial for your business.

This way, you can harness sustainable and protective fabrics in your facilities. But, how would you do that? Utilizing the help of medical textile companies will enhance your expected ROI generation!

Do you want to find the best medical textile companies? Read on to find out!

Top 5 Medical Textile Companies

1.     FabricoFabrico - MR


With 44 years of experience, this custom manufacturing company offers the best medical-grade adhesives.

They have headquarters in New York and are the leading creators of protective fabrics. Furthermore, you can find the coated fabric of high-quality curated for the medical industry.

With experience in rewinding, ultrasonic welding, and laminating, Fabrico distributes unique medical fabrics. Therefore, you will have access to an aramid mat, silicone-coated fabric, and cotton.

All of these are processed under various technologically advanced systems. Hence, your company will access the best medical fabric for the equipment.

They also work with the renewable energy industry to ensure the use of clean processes.

2.     Eastex Products

Eastex Products - MR

This textile company was introduced in 1996 to provide high-quality textile products.

Over the years, the company has managed to become one of the leading producers. They distribute organic cotton, anti-static fabric, and aramid fiber textiles. Moreover, Eastex Products utilize industry-grade manufacturing processes to deliver the best possible results.

You can harness their waterproof laminating features in your medical fabrics. However, the best medical-grade product they offer is antimicrobial fabrics.

The manufacturers also produce materials, including ceramic yarns and organic cotton. With that, you have non-slip, spacer, and fluid-proof fabrics for your medical practice. In addition, their innovative manufacturing processes will give you access to high-end medical fabrics.

3.     TrelleborgTrelleborg - MR

Do you want custom engineering in all your high-demand medical fabrics? Then, Trelleborg, founded in 1905, will be the perfect company for you.

You will get highly engineered and custom-made coated fabrics, especially for medical equipment. Moreover, this company has been in the industry for over a hundred years, so their experience will remain unparalleled. They use various sophisticated coating materials to engineer each unit with perfection.

Some of these ingredients include a coating of ethylene acrylic, chloroprene, urethane, etc. The company uses substrates like cotton, rayon, carbon, and more.

Each of their orders undergoes rigorous testing and manufacturing processes. Therefore, all their fabrics have defense-level recreational and structural value.

4.    Shawmut Corporation

Shawmut-Corporation - MR

The main objective of this company is to make the medical industry sustainable and efficient.

Shawmut has been in the business since 1916 and has been striving towards making the orthopedic department more functional. Moreover, they manufacture highly durable and laminated textiles for the medical device and orthopedic sector. The engineers and chemists work together to offer the best Omni-directional breathable fabric.

Their product is compatible with anything and has recovery properties due to the stretch element. Furthermore, Shawmut Corporation utilizes new-age polymers, TPOs, PVCs, and PUs.

The manufacturing process involves a lot of ultrasonic impulses passed through hot air to create an effective fabric.

5.    Bally Ribbon Mills

Bally Ribbon Mills - MR

It is one of the best medical textile companies because of its expertise in the medical fabric industry.

They have been in the manufacturing business since 1923. Moreover, Bally Ribbon Mills is best known for producing high-quality narrow woven textile materials. The use of innovative designs and manufacturing processes got them recognition.

Headquartered in Bally, Pennsylvania, this company has taken over the woven medical fabric industry.

You can get highly engineered and unique woven structures and broadcloths for medical applications. Furthermore, all their multi-dimensional products utilize industry-grade natural fibers engineered to perfection.

You can harness their structural materials in medical implants, special devices, filtration systems, and other applications.

Insight into Medical FabricsInsight Into Medical Fabrics - MR

As mentioned earlier, the CAGR of 4.9% will be met by the end of 2025, given the industry keeps expanding. Moreover, with the impact of COVID 19, the hospital industry has changed and is trying to invest more in protective gear.

These tough times indeed call for some innovations in the healthcare industry. And, one of them can be the application of high-end medical fabrics.

So, what are medical textiles? Such fabrics have elements of versatile and fibrous materials that help treat medical conditions. Furthermore, there are two groups in the medical textile industry:

  • Commodity fibers – made from cotton, nylon, or polyester for normal usage
  • Specialty fibers – made from high-performance fibers for technical usage

Usually, specialty fabric has properties like:

  • Enhanced strength
  • Chemical and heat resilient

You can get these textiles in different types, specially designed and customized to your requirements. Furthermore, medical fabrics have innovative properties like:

  • Antimicrobial
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Fully biocompatible
  • Non-allergenic

These textiles will either be manufactured from natural or artificial materials. Either way, most medical textile companies manufacture them for four categories:


Medical fabrics are a crucial part of the healthcare industry. Therefore, sourcing them from the best medical textile companies should be a healthcare business owner’s top priority.

Indeed, the classifications and categories of healthcare textiles are vast and ever-evolving. Moreover, the need for such materials is increasing over the years. It is time for you to harness the importance of using such fabrics from high-end companies.

Utilizing these products will keep you, your employees, clients, and patients safe!

Hence, feel free to choose one of the best medical textile companies mentioned in the article, enhancing your healthcare business’s effectiveness, sustainability, and safety.

Like Thomas Frist once said, “Take care of the patient, and everything else will follow.”

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Sam Wilson, Consultant