How Healthcare Marketers Can Use Social Media to Improve Marketing Efforts

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  • Apr 03, 2017
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how healthcare marketers can use social media to improve marketing efforts

Social media is no longer a channel for individuals wanting to share their private life experiences. With increased focus on customer-centric business strategies, companies are also opting for social media marketing campaigns to access customer data by establishing stronger communication with them. Providing users with the flexibility to access their social media accounts from any device from any location, this marketing tool makes sharing of information and connecting with customers easier and faster for marketers.

In the healthcare industry, social media marketing has, in particular, has helped marketers better engage with patients and other customers with relevant information promptly manner. Right from posting recruitment ads to the introduction of new products and services, awareness creation campaigns to informative tutorials, social media has evolved over the years benefiting healthcare marketers in making their brand’s social presence noticeable and worthy.

Here we have three ways to highlight the importance of social media tools in improving healthcare marketing efforts:

Makes Real-time Engagement and Communication Possible

Social media marketing can be an advantageous tool for healthcare organizations looking to better engage and connect with customers, be it patients, doctors or buyers of medical devices, services and products. Everyone is available on social networking sites today, so reaching out to prospects from anywhere in the world is just a click away.

Before digitisation, addressing patient questions, their queries and concerns were time-consuming and challenging. But with the advent of social media platforms, raising an issue or driving attention to a cause has become an easy affair. Even for a healthcare marketer, responding to audiences on time is no longer matter to worry. By creating their social media profiles, hospitals and other healthcare service providers can encourage customers to have discussions, share their issues for faster solutions and stay updated with the latest happenings in the medical industry.

Social media is a great way for healthcare marketers to build their brand identity, create awareness on their offerings and showcase their expertise and knowledge in front of a wide range of targeted customers. But remember, the social media presence should be a frequent one and not a rare activity. Healthcare marketers need to be ready to answer customer queries posted on social media accounts at any time make them believe that you care for your clients and are always eager to serve them with the best-in-class services.

Don’t forget to publish fresh, engaging and informative content on social sites to keep customers interested in your brand.

Encourage Physician Alignment and Collaboration

For the overall improvement and betterment of the healthcare sector, medical professionals need to collaborate and work together. A greater acceptance of social media tools among healthcare professionals is required to build proper communication network among them.

Social media platforms can be utilized to share knowledge, find and connect with other professionals working in the same medical industry. By working together as a team, healthcare practitioners can provide improved services, increase patient loyalty, and win their trust which in turn will contribute in establishing their organization in a positive light within the industry.

Use As Public Communication Platforms

Helping healthcare organizations to reach and target a large number of consumers and patient population all in a single platform, social media channels serves as a comprehensive communication platform by letting marketers spread educational information on health conditions, wellness tips, and other medical issues among a wider audience. Other than email marketing, social media marketing is one such effective marketing tactic whose potentiality when explored in the right way can fetch maximum responses, improve customer engagement, and boost conversions for healthcare marketers looking to make it big.

Amidst the brightness of its success ratio, marketers should not forget about the laws and regulation associated with using social media channel for marketing purposes. They need to make sure that whatever information they publish online should adhere to HIPAA compliance and privacy laws. For that much-needed recognition and attention, healthcare marketers need to turn towards social media platforms and make its efficient use as and when necessary.

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