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How Can Healthcare Industries Leverage Holidays for Successful Email Marketing?

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  • How Can Healthcare Industries Leverage Holidays for Successful Email Marketing?
  • Nov 12, 2019
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
How Can Healthcare Industries Leverage Holidays for Successful Email Marketing?

An increase in sales of 15.31% is anticipated on the eve of Black Friday this year compared to the sales last year.

Holidays usher great opportunities for marketing email campaigns in the healthcare industry. Not because people are anticipated to fall ill more often during these seasons due to their unrestrained revelry, but because there is a general enthusiasm associated with such events. Thanksgiving Day, then Black Friday, and later Cyber Monday, are those days of the season when shopping is at its peak. How can the healthcare industry augment their lead generation and customer acquisition during this period? Let us find out.

Display the Festive Zeal in Your Campaign

Festive designs

The first and foremost strategy is to flow with the wind. Be in that frame of mind, that fervor of the festive season. Because if you are yourself uninterested in the event, your email will be dull as well, making your whole campaign dismal. We are not telling you to be pretentious and sport a forced smile instead of a natural yawn. But whatever your personal feelings are, let your campaign twinkle with the Thanksgiving stars.

Design it Keeping Mobile Users in Mind

About 50% of emails all over the world are opened primarily on a smartphone or tablet.

Mobile usersYour prospective customers can open your mail on desktops or mobile devices. While the former poses no real challenge, the latter, i.e., the mobile platform is a slippery surface where things can quickly go wrong and become quite lousy. Therefore, keep your designs responsive and subject lines short, crisp, and concise. Also, make sure the email loads fast and complete.

Identify and Plan the Optimum Time Frame

TIme frame

Timing is an essential factor. It is better you start early, but not too early to be irrelevant, neither too late when your prospective customers have started to delete their promotional emails without even reading them. Because they were being bombarded consistently by your fellow competitors and latecomer campaigners. The best thing to do in this case is to plan everything. Your email template, your users’ email lists, everything.

Pamper your Patrons with Exclusive Sale Offers

holiday sale

Holidays may not bring a smile to everyone’s face. Some of us may become grumpy realizing the expenses we will have to accrue in shopping! On a serious note, holidays must be accompanied with massive discounts on sales, exclusive offers, and fantastic deals to attract customers, subscribers, and so on.

Tense Up a Need for Urgency

Nobody likes to miss a profitable deal. You can utilize this tendency of human beings and set up a sense of urgency with a time-limited offer. The ticking away of time will have a powerful impact on the customers who will become apprehensive due to the fear of missing the deal and will take quick action in your favor.

Have an Authentic, Exhaustive List of Companies/Individuals using Healthcare Services

What is the use of having the most sophisticated rifle at your disposal if you do not have any idea about where your target is? The unavailability of a formidable list of healthcare clients is a similar mire that can overwhelm your business endeavors despite having every piece of your jigsaw puzzle at the right spot. This concern can be eliminated by a professional healthcare services users’ list provider who can offer you an accurate and actionable list of clients to whom you can send your emails.   

Successful email marketing requires using the right strategies at the right time. Holidays, in addition to bringing a state of happiness, also sets forth immense marketing opportunities. All you have to do is grab those opportunities right.

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