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  • Apr 11, 2024
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Healthcare staffing agencies use a widespread network to bond employers with top-notch employees. Their aim is to find the top healthcare professionals throughout the nation. The demand for skilled professionals is ever-increasing in a rapidly developing healthcare landscape. The overall healthcare staffing market was worth $40.17 billion in 2022, and, given the strong compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.37% over the forecast period, it is calculated to reach $61.89 billion by 2029.

Hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities count on experienced personnel to provide the highest-quality care. However, healthcare institutions need more time and resources to hire these esteemed professionals. This is where healthcare staffing agencies bridge the gap between healthcare providers and professionals seeking jobs.

A lack of skilled professionals in the healthcare industry can adversely affect the organization’s revenue channel. According to an Experian Health survey, 100% of respondents indicate that staffing shortages significantly impact healthcare revenue cycle management. To overcome the challenge of staffing shortages, healthcare providers should consider outsourcing their recruitment needs to a staffing agency. For deciding how to choose a staffing agency, healthcare organizations should consider their requirements.

Here are the details of the top 10 healthcare staffing agencies.

Top 10 Healthcare Staffing Agencies

1.  Envision Healthcare


Headquarters: Tennessee, USA

Established Year: 1992

Revenue: $7 billion

Employee Size: 48,000

Professionals hired by Envision Healthcare serve patients across various settings, from emergency departments to NICUs. These professionals handle millions of cases annually, including anesthesia, radiology, and virtual health visits. Envision Healthcare strives for equity, global health initiatives, and advocacy. Their teams work tirelessly to improve lives and create a safer, more caring society.

2.  AMN Healthcare


Headquarters: California, USA

Established Year: 1985

Revenue: $2 billion

Employee Size: 2,910

AMN Healthcare is a dependable leader in the domain of healthcare staffing and total talent solutions. Holding 30+ years of experience in the industry, they make an effort to deliver creative recruitment strategies. They are accountable for a vast network of quality healthcare professionals across the United States. Their dedication to diversity and inclusion assures that the best healthcare professionals are employed to deliver quality care.

3.  CHG Healthcare


Headquarters: Utah, USA

Established Year: 1979

Revenue: $1 billion

Employee Size: 3,025

CHG Healthcare offers aspirants with permanent placement, telehealth, and advanced practice services. Focusing on collaborative triumph, CHG Healthcare aspires to enhance lives across the healthcare industry. It has been crowned one of FORTUNE magazine’s Best Companies to Work For.

4.  Jackson Healthcare


Headquarters: Georgia, USA

Established Year: 2000

Revenue: $1 billion

Employee Size: 1,500

Jackson Healthcare supplies healthcare systems, hospitals and medical facilities of all sizes with skilled and specialized healthcare professionals and cutting-edge technologies. With this, they ensure that these organizations can deliver high-quality care and achieve optimal outcomes. Simultaneously, they connect healthcare professionals to temporary engagements, contract assignments and permanent placement employment opportunities, catering to their preferences and aspirations.

5.  Medical Solutions


Headquarters: Nebraska, USA

Established Year: 2001

Revenue: $678 million

Employee Size: 1,300

Medical Solutions is a healthcare staffing agency devoted to refining care by pairing top clinical professionals with the healthcare facilities that demand their services. Medical Solutions strives to supply hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities throughout the United States with top-notch travel nurses, allied healthcare professionals and interim nurse leaders. They provide various healthcare staffing services, such as travel nurse staffing and contingent labor management, emphasizing personal interaction. They are dedicated to backing secure, individualized care, whether locating the appropriate site, guaranteeing competitive compensation or accessing beneficial perks.

6.  Cross Country


Headquarters: Florida, USA

Established Year: 1975

Revenue: $836 million

Employee Size: 6,037

Cross Country Healthcare is a national authority in primary healthcare staffing and workforce solutions; it partners with more than 3,000 healthcare facilities across the United States and the Caribbean. Its dedication to innovation and quality services improves the continuity of care while preserving cost-effectiveness. Through a network of specialized brands, it excels in healthcare professionals’ temporary and permanent placement. Whether locum tenens (substitutes), travel assignments or interim (temporary) leadership, Cross Country Healthcare is pivotal in supporting healthcare systems and facilities across diverse settings.

7.  Maxim Healthcare


Headquarters: Maryland, USA

Established Year: 1988

Revenue: $513 million

Employee Size: 3,500

For 30+ years, Maxim Healthcare has been a home and community-based care provider that has benefited professionals treating chronic and acute illnesses and disabilities. Their extensive services include private duty nursing, behavioral care, skilled nursing, respite care, physical rehabilitation, and personal care.

Maxim Healthcare desires to set the benchmark for home- and community-based care and enrich the quality of life within our communities.

8.  Favorite Healthcare Staffing


Headquarters: Kansas, USA

Established Year: 1981

Revenue: $468 million

Employee Size: 10,000

Favorite Healthcare Staffing, a reputable healthcare staffing agency with over 40+ years in the industry, provides exclusive job opportunities at premier facilities. Their goal is to enhance the well-being of healthcare workers by linking them to top job prospects. If you are a seasoned nurse, allied health worker, or non-clinical professional, Favorite Healthcare Staffing is committed to helping you find the ideal job opportunity.

9.  Aya Healthcare


Headquarters: California, USA

Established Year: 2001

Revenue: $364 million

Employee Size: 847

Aya Healthcare, a top healthcare staffing agency driven by data, has emerged as the biggest healthcare staffing agency in the US. Their comprehensive services cover every aspect of labor services for healthcare facilities:

  • Managed marketplace: Aya’s managed marketplace hosts the largest pool of active job seekers. Their algorithm-driven personalized touchpoints enhance engagement and transparency, benefiting both clinicians and healthcare systems.
  • Technology and human touch: While technology drives efficiency and scale, Aya employees provide unparalleled accountability and exceptional experiences for clients and clinicians.
  • Exclusive opportunities: travel nursing, per diem and float pool and permanent positions

Whether you’re exploring new places, boosting your resume or making a meaningful impact, Aya Healthcare will help you find the right match.

10.  HealthTrust Workforce Solutions


Headquarters: Texas, USA

Established Year: 1993

Revenue: $100 million

Employee Size: 1688

Getting employed via HealthTrust Workforce Solutions will open a wide range of advantages. Contract workers not only get competitive pay but also benefit from flexible scheduling, weekly direct deposit as well as signing and referral bonuses.

Summing up

The demand for healthcare staff is dynamically increasing, and this worldwide concern can be addressed by outsourcing the healthcare recruitment process to healthcare staffing agencies. The top 10 staffing agencies listed here stand out for their commitment and facilities. Knowing how each agency works and its position on a global level will aid you in your research and staffing needs.

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