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Midwife Nurses

Midwife Nurses

Midwife nurses are healthcare professionals who take care of women throughout pregnancy, followed by labor, child delivery, and post-pregnancy. Their duty doesn’t end with caring only for the mother. They also take care of the newborn for the first six weeks immediately after their birth.  A midwife nurse is available 24×7 for delivery of care to pregnant women and performs a wide range of care services. From examining the patient, checking pulse, blood pressure to monitoring medicine intake, assisting during delivery, midwives do it all as a primary care provider for the pregnant woman.

Midwives are trained and certified professionals. They need to undertake full-time midwifery degree program to acquire the necessary education. Then through proper examination, they will have to obtain certification to practice as a midwife nurse.

One may find a midwife working in various settings including maternity units of midwifery-led clinics, hospitals, and even at people’s home. Often, these professionals work in a group which includes neonatal nurses, doctors, social workers, and health visitors.