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Geriatric Nurses

Geriatric Nurses

A significant portion of the population comprises of old patients who need immediate and personalized care more than patients of other age groups. Here comes the role of geriatric nurses who are trained and specialized in offering care to elderly patients. Older adults are always at higher risk of falling sick or suffering from an injury. Hence, as a caregiver, the job of a geriatric nurse is to focus on how they can deliver preventive care to these patients on time. One may find a Geriatric Nurse working in various settings including nursing homes, hospitals, retirement communities, rehabilitation facilities, senior centers, and even a patient’s home.

They undertake a wide range of responsibilities which includes:

  • Knowing patient’s health issues
  • Assist doctors in elderly patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Do regular check-ups and screenings
  • Monitoring medication intake
  • Help to feed and clothe them
  • Perform medical examinations
  • Administer prescribed treatments
  • Analyze the cognitive skills and mental status of patients
  • Maintain accurate records of patient’s medical history, treatment plan, and progress
  • Provide moral support and therapeutic support

Geriatric nurses assist elderly patients suffering from cancer, cataract, high blood pressure, mental disorders, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. They also care for bedridden patients in the comfort of their home.

Sam Wilson, Consultant