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An endodontist is a specialized dentist who diagnoses and treats oral pain including pain originated from teeth fracture, teeth cracks, or toothaches. They are master in the treatment of these types of pain. A family dentist may refer the patient to the endodontist if they feel that the situation is complicated or the pain the patient experiences is confusing. These dentists mostly perform root canals in large numbers. A traumatic injury or untreated tooth decay may affect your teeth causing pain and other related symptoms. That is when the patient needs to visit an endodontist for treatment. They also treat pulp damage, perform endodontic surgical procedures like apicoectomies and even re-treat prior done failed root canal.

Endodontists are trained and certified in the field of endodontics which is one of the nine sub-specialties of dentistry. This branch is mainly focused on the treatment of dental pulp. Damaged caused to the pulp by an accidental injury or a sudden blow to the mouth is what endodontists deal with. Candidates wanting to become an endodontist need to first complete graduation from a dental school. Then he/she must undertake post-graduation training in the endodontics. And finally, once they get certified and receive a license from the American Dental Association (ADA), endodontists can practice in the field.