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An anesthesiologist is a healthcare practitioner specializing in perioperative care, practicing anesthesia to ensure a painless surgical experience of the patient. From developing anesthetic plans to the application and post-recovery care, anesthesiologists take care of every minor detail. Before the surgery, these specialists will assess the health of the patient and monitor vital signs like blood pressure to offer the right care for pain management and safe recovery from the surgery.

Candidates who want to become anesthesiologist need to complete their bachelor’s degree from a medical school at first. Then they need to undergo a four-year residency program in the field of anesthesiology. After completing the training and education, they would require to obtain a license and achieve the certification from the American Board of Anesthesiology to be able to practice within their state.

Anesthesiologists perform a lot of responsibilities including monitoring of anesthesia level and make adjustments if needed, analyze patient’s health conditions and recognize potential life-threatening emergencies, and take proper measures to ensure the safety of the patient during and after the anesthetic period.