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5 Outstanding Tips to Get More Healthcare Email Subscribers

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  • 5 Outstanding Tips to Get More Healthcare Email Subscribers
  • Apr 13, 2017
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
5 Outstanding Tips to Get More Healthcare Email Subscribers

Email marketing is considered to be the most effective way to promote your business and engage with your potential customers across various industries. With healthcare industry being no exception, even marketers belonging from this sector can get the upper hand over their competitors by reaching out to each on a personal level via an email message tailored as per their individual needs.

But the difficulty lies hidden in the fact that how to attract the right kind of people who can proof to be beneficial for your business? Compelling interested visitors to become eager subscribers of your healthcare email newsletter is not an easy job.

Here, we have listed five valuable tips for healthcare marketers to help them grow their email audience which is essential for expanding market reach as well as for brand awareness.

Opt-in Forms Should Be Easy to Fill in

In most of the websites, the opt-in forms come with pre-filled instructions such as enter your name, email address and so on. If your email newsletter subscription forms are similar, make sure that once the visitors click on the boxes to enter details, the text asking for enter name or others must disappear, letting the potential subscriber fill in the information without any inconvenience.

Reduce Clicks to Subscription

Don’t make your visitors travel from one page to another to sign-up for a newsletter. Websites with smooth and simple navigation features attract more customers than the one with complex one. Put your opt-in forms on the front page of your site in a visible position with convenient click to subscribe option. The more you delay the process of subscription, the greater are the chances that your visitors start taking less interest in receiving the newsletter from you.

Encourage Distribution of Your Newsletter Content

Email Newsletters comprises engaging and informative content on product launches, offers or discounts, market trends etc., in order to attract customers towards brands and establish a brand’s identity in the good books of audience. But will it be enough for your brand if the newsletter you are investing in is limited to only your subscribers? No right? Then ask your subscribers to forward your healthcare email newsletter to friends which can be of great help for you to increase your subscriber. Incorporate the sharing button in your newsletter to make it easier for your customers to share.

Offer New Subscribers with an Exclusive Offer

To lure a visitor visiting your website to sign up for your newsletter, you need to give them lucrative offers. Apart from saying ‘thank you’ when they sign up, you can offer them free e-books or videos with useful info and even a free trial of one of your products so that they don’t go anywhere. Such promotional offers always work wonders as they give a good start to your relationship with the new customers.

Use Social Networks to Invite Subscribers

Today, all most all people are present on social media platforms. Hence, leveraging your social media accounts to popularize your healthcare email newsletter is a great option. Giving you a wider audience and worldwide exposure, social media marketing of your newsletter can help you in boosting your email subscribers list in less time. For instance, using Facebook’s updated API, now healthcare marketers like others can also post their newsletter directly on their fan page. By doing so, they get the platform to highlight their expertise and quality features which can be efficient in attracting both the subscribers and especially the non-subscribers.

Follow these path-breaking guidelines today and witness the graph of your email subscribers rising.


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