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  • Sep 30, 2022
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Top 10 EHR Vendors by Price and Features

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The adoption of EHR (Electronic Health Record) has increased in recent times, it is an automated digital system to streamline clinical workflows and enable healthcare providers and to consulting firms manage medical records and patient-related programs.

Standard EHR features include:

  • Patient Engagement Portals
  • Digitized Record Database
  • Patient Charting
  • Bill Processing
  • Appointment Scheduling

The Top EHR Vendors In 2022

1. DrChrono

  • Best suited for clinical practices looking to deliver personalized & interactive patient care
  • $249 monthly subscription fee
  • Website: www.drchrono.com

Unique Features:

  • Cloud-based and optimized for mobile devices
  • Integrated direct prescription referrals to preferred pharmacies

2. Kareo Clinical

  • Best suited for Small-to-Medium independent clinical practices
  • $125 monthly subscription fee
  • Website: www.kareo.com

Unique Features:

  • In-app drug reference database
  • Agenda & flowsheet overview

3. Athena Health

  • Best suited for Small-to-Medium clinical practices looking to streamline operations
  • $140 monthly subscription fee
  • Website: www.athenahealth.com

Unique Features:

  • Third-party provider authorization management
  • Interoperable functionality with Epic and Cerner

4. Advanced MD

  • Best suited for medical institutions looking to scale operations rapidly
  • $429 monthly subscription fee
  • Website: www.advancedmd.com

Unique Features:

  • Integrated business intelligence analytics tools for financial reporting
  • Role-based provider and supporting personnel profile authorization

5. Cerner

  • Best suited fornon-profit healthcare agencies & Small-to-Medium Practices
  • $25 annual subscription fee (scales according to selected features)
  • Ranked amongst the top EHR vendors in 2021, with a market share of 24.4%
  • Website: www.cerner.com

Unique Features:

  • Cloud-based portal optimized for Android, iOS, and Desktop
  • Integrated Vocera communication system

6. Practice Fusion

  • Best suited for independent or non-franchised medical institutions
  • $149 monthly subscription fee
  • Website: www.practicefusion.com

Unique Features:

  • Inter-connectivity with immunization registries & health information exchanges
  • Comprehensive free trial period

7. NextGen

  • Best suited for community-oriented ambulatory services or out-patient facilities
  • $65 monthly subscription fee
  • Website: www.nextgen.com

Unique Features:

  • AI & Machine Learning (ML) speech recognition functionality
  • Automated suggestion tools to improve patient care programs

8. Allscripts

  • Best suited for Accountable Care Organization (ACO), Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) & Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)
  • $150 monthly subscription fee
  • Website: www.allscripts.com/ehrs

Unique Features:

  • Distinct maternity care management program and resource guide
  • Revenue lifecycle management and cost tracking

9. Netsmart MyUnity

  • Best suited for assisted care facilities, hospices & nursing agencies
  • Undisclosed pricing model (only available to registered customers)
  • Website: www.ntst.com

Unique Features:

  • Predictive analysis for patients alongside mental health care guidance
  • Analytics tools for practice strength assessment & obstacle identification

10. Epic

  • Best suited forfranchised healthcare corporations
  • $200 monthly subscription fee (Scales according to selected features)
  • Among the top EHR vendors currently, with a market share of 32.9%
  • Website: www.epic.com

Unique Features:

  • Cross-platform optimization
  • Real-time analytics to measure KPIs and improve business productivity
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