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  • Oct 06, 2020
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Top 20 Medical Billing Software Providers in the US

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Industry Overview

With an increasing number of patients, the healthcare professionals finding it challenging to meet the growing demand on time. As patients pour in, hospital staff may have to do multitasking at times. Even in this digital age, some providers still rely on manual record-keeping, billing, and other administrative tasks. These functionalities are often time-consuming and cause a delay in managing other essential work. Here comes the need for workflow automation.

Many medical billing software providers are developing efficient EHR, revenue and practice management platforms to reduce the workload of healthcare staff, practitioners, and clinicians. Although the competition in the field is high, however, only the best ten providers of medical billing software get mentioned in our list as follows:

1. AdvancedMD

An integrated medical software suite comprising electronic health record (EHR), practice management, and medical scheduling software.

Features: Finance analytics, EHR, telemedicine, business intelligence, practice management, patient engagement and reputation management.

Functionalities: self-scheduling appointments, managing EHR, sending appointment reminders, checking insurance eligibility, rooming, and more.

Operating System(s) Supported: Windows – 7, 8, 10, Windows XP, Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS.

2. DrChrono

A medical billing and EHR software that offers multitudes of apps and medical API.

Features: Built-in cameras, free draw function, HIPAA compliant cloud storage, Custom vitals, customizable forms, patient portal, and revenue cycle management.

Functionalities: Billing, manage patient records, scheduling tools, clinical charting, real-time patient eligibility checks, sending electronic prescriptions, and more.

Operating System(s) Supported: Windows 8, Mac OS, Web Browser (OS agnostic).

3. Kareo Billing

A web-based medical billing and practice management software that helps healthcare staff manage insurance billing.

Features: Built-in messaging, document management, advanced claim processing, agenda planner, billing analytics, and schedule appointment reminders.

Functionalities: Manage accounts and collections, develop customized reports, patient record keeping, appointment alerts, insurance claim verification, messaging, and more.

Operating System(s) Supported: Windows – 7, 8, 19, Vista, XP, 2000, Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS.

4. Athenahealth EHR

A cloud-based Electronic Medical Record (EHR) Software.

Features: Billing module, custom benchmarking, trends analytics tools, home page and patient portal.

Functionalities: Medical billing, EHR, review daily schedule, care coordination, revenue cycle management, schedule appointments, send reminders, sign forms, pay bills, manage patient engagement, pay bills, and more.

Operating System(s) Supported: Windows 7, 10, Windows Vista, Mac OS, Windows XP.

5. Compulink Healthcare Solutions

A cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) software, and Practice Management (PM) software.

Features: Electronic billing, HIPAA-compliant patient portal, EDI support, pharmacy connection, patient registration, credit card processing, lab integration, patient scheduling capability, and more.

Functionalities: Practice management and automation, inventory management, electronic health records (EHR), revenue cycle management, and optical POS.

Operating System(s) Supported: Mac OS, Windows 7, 8 and 10, Web browser (OS agnostic).

6. PrognoCIS

A cloud-based MU certified and ICD-10 compliant EMR solution to help manage patient medical records.

Features: Built-in e-signature, patient portal, billing module, all device compatibility, and more.

Functionalities: Set appointments, EHR, practice management and revenue cycle management, generate and share electronic prescription, patient accounting, insurance billing, share lab results, etc.

Operating System(s) Supported: Mac OS, Windows – 7, 8, 2000, XP, Vista, Web browser (OS agnostic), Linux.

7. Aprima EHR

A customizable, integrated and flexible platform enabling the quick flow of data between payers, hospital systems and devices.

Features: Built on a single database, easy to navigate, replication technology, and cloud-based

Functionalities: Revenue cycle management, automates physician’s workflow, EHR, and practice management.

Operating System(s) Supported: Windows – 7, 8, and 10, Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic).

8. The Valant Behavioral Health EHR

An integrated and cloud-based EHR and practice management suite built for behavioral health professionals.

Features: Flexible data model, billing, appointment scheduling, prescription and medication management, treatment planning, and reporting.

Functionalities: Data collection and documentation, managing medical bills, securely collect and store clinical notes, manage appointments, revenue cycle and clinical reports.

Operating System(s) Supported: Windows – 7, 8, and Vista, Mac OS.

9. ECLIPSE Practice Management Software

An ONC and INGENIX certified EHR software for HIPAA-mandated electronic claims.

Features: Scheduling appointments, billing, alerts, EHR/SOAP, reminders, and document management.

Functionalities: Documentation, accounting, text messaging, electronic claims transmission, error-checking, billing ledgers, scheduling appointments and email reminders, and more.

Operating System(s) Supported: Windows – 7, 8, 10 and Vista.

10. ChiroTouch

An integrated practice management electronic health records (EHR) system designed to help small to midsize chiropractic practices.

It combines electronic health records, billing, patient scheduling, outcomes assessments and inventory management in a single, integrated suite.

Features: SOAP notes, custom templates, EHR, appointments scheduling, billing, wireless support, lab integration, inventory management and more.

Functionalities: Manage daily scheduling, outcome assessment, record-keeping, workflow automation, reports, medical billing, etc.

Operating System(s) Supported: Windows – 7, 8, 10, Web browser (OS agnostic).

11. WebPT

A cloud-based electronic medical records (EMR) system with multi-purpose functions.

The software is built for outpatient physical, speech and occupational therapy clinics.

Features: Revenue cycle management, practice management, reporting, EHR and more.

Functionalities: Store patient records, customize reporting templates, setting appointment reminders, patient scheduling, tracking, file storage and more.

Operating System (s) Supported: Windows – 7, 2000, Vista, XP, Mac OS, Solaris, IBM OS/400, HP-UX, Unix, Linux, AIX, and Web browser (OS agnostic).

12. NovoClinical Software

A fully integrated, cloud-based EMR system that physicians designed to improve medical efficiency.

Features: API integrations, online patient portal, practice management, revenue cycle management, chronic care management, EHR, user interface, iPad and other tablet compatibility and more.

Functionalities: Schedule appointments, check medication and lab results, billing, medical accounting, view patient visit summary, and more.

Operating System (s) Supported: Windows – 8, 10, Mac OS, and Web browser (OS agnostic).

13. ChartLogic EHR Suite

An integrated, ambulatory EHR suite designed to improve the efficiency of medical practices.

Features: Practice management, electronic medical record, revenue cycle management, patient portal and e-prescription.

Functionalities: Manage administrative activities including reporting and appointment scheduling, record-keeping, view medical history and patient notes, and more.

Operating System (s) Supported: Windows 8 and 10, Web browser (OS agnostic).

14. PracticeSuite

A cloud-based system built for medical billing companies of all sizes.

Features: Patient portal, scheduling, online review and patient service tools, patient outreach (CRM), patient kiosks, EHR and more.

Functionalities: Practice and patient management, record-keeping, managing clinical measures, health maintenance, etc.

Operating System (s) Supported: Windows 8, Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic).

15. Allscripts

A comprehensive revenue cycle management and practice management solution.

Features: Claims, collection, appointment, patient flow, transaction and denial management.

Functionalities: Practice management, revenue cycle management, monitor, track and respond to financial issues, and more.

Operating System (s) Supported: Windows – XP, 7, Vista, and 2000, Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS.

16. Revolution EHR

A cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system designed for optometry practices.

Features: Medical accounting, EHR, patient rescheduling, medical billing, health record portal for patients, image archiving system and more.

Functionalities: Practice management, scheduling appointments, handling claim submissions, managing store medical records, and documents, etc.

Operating System (s) Supported: Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS.

17. Centricity Software

An integrated solution practice administration and electronic medical records (EMR) in medical organizations.

Features: Financial and clinical management solutions, EMR, Clinical messenger, medical imaging systems and devices, and more.

Functionalities: Clinical reporting, managing records, sharing lab and billing data, and more.

Operating System (s) Supported: Windows – XP, AIX, Vista, and HP-UX.

18. Practice EHR

A cloud-based medical practice management software built for small to mid-size businesses.

Features: Medical billing, electronic medical records, patient scheduling, patient portals, ONC-ATCB certification and more.

Functionalities: Billing, record-keeping, access to lab integration and prescribing, reporting, etc.

Operating System (s) Supported: Windows 10, Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS.

19. RxNT

An integrated cloud-based solution built to improve the efficiency of practices.

Features: Practice management tool, billing, scheduling, reporting, customizable patient encounter module and more.

Functionalities: Sending patient reminders, checking insurance eligibility, providing snapshots and practice-specific alerts, issuing scripts from web browsers and mobile devices, etc.

Operating System (s) Supported: Windows 8, Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS.

20. MaximEyes Software

A comprehensive practice management and electronic health record (EHR) solution built for eye care clinics.

Features: Billing, EHR, practice management and more.

Functionalities: Medical billing services, record-keeping services, and eye care image management, suggesting diagnostic and procedure codes, etc.

Operating System (s) Supported: Windows 10, Web browser (OS agnostic), Mac OS.

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