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  • Jun 03, 2022
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Top 10 Vendors in the Dental Surgical

If you’re a dentist or you run a dental clinic, you’ll need a steady supply of dental equipment from a top dental manufacturer. Having high-quality dental supplies is important to cater to your needs. Here are the finest vendors from the list of dental equipment manufacturers in the USA

We know how important it is to find the right vendor for your practice. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to compare and contrast different suppliers. Find the perfect one for your needs and get started today.

There are almost 13,248 dental laboratories in the USA that rely on dental equipment to whom dental vendors market through dental office email addresses. Here are the top 10 dental equipment companies we have curated from a list of Dental vendors who sold their products and stood on top of the market.

1. Patterson Dental

Source: Patterson Dental

Revenue: $622.2 million

Size of employee: 7,500 (2017)

A+, This business is not BBB Accredited

The company provides you with a vast selection of items, including disposables, dental materials, chairs, CAD/CAM, lasers, and guidance to select more than 130,000 products. It also has products from other leading manufacturers. 

It provides management support and office design services if you want to enhance your practice. You can also get equipment repair and educational webinars on the website.

Additionally, the brand also provides its customers, especially its most loyal buyers, with exciting offers and rewards on product purchases. 

2. Benco Dental

Source: Benco Dental

Revenue: 500M – 1 B

Size of employees: 1.0-5.0K

A+, This business is not BBB Accredited

This family-owned American company provides you with all the dental resources you need for your practice. It also ships its products quickly, due to the five distribution centers across the USA.

The company is famous for its rewards program, where all customers can get offers, discounts, and other benefits while buying supplies. Additionally, you’ll find podcasts, webinars, tutorials, and training resources on their website too. 

3. Brasseler USA

Source: Brasseler USA

Revenue: $5.0-25M

Size of employees: 189

A+, This business is not BBB Accredited

Brasseler USA is one of the leading dental instrumentation companies popular for restorative, orthodontic, endodontic, and oral surgery equipment. With over 40 years of experience, the company has helped many dental practices provide the best solutions to patients. 

They follow a direct sales model and sell their products directly to the customer, without any interference from any middlemen. Moreover, they also maintain high-quality standards and designs and come with a catalog of more than 15,000 products to choose from.  

4. American Eagle Instruments Inc (AEI)

Source: American Eagle Instruments Inc (AEI)

Revenue: $5.0-25M

Size of employees: 25-100

A-, This business is not BBB Accredited

This is yet another famous brand focusing on dental instruments and has developed a massive customer base over the years. It’s one of the leading manufacturers in North America and has catered to the needs of numerous dental clinics and doctors. 

It is a home-grown business that develops quality dental equipment using its state-of-the-art XP technology. So, the equipment has a stronger grip and a robust body for better treatments. 

5. Henry Schein

Source: Henry Schein

Revenue: $12.4B

Size of employees: 18,000

A+, This business is not BBB Accredited

The company provides dental supplies all over the world and serves more than 1 million customers. It’s famous for reasonable pricing, a huge array of items, and outstanding customer service. That’s why the company is preferred by medium and large dental practices. 

You can get dental supplies, management software, small equipment, 3D imaging services, 3D printers, and also other high-quality products from leading brands. 

If you’re looking for instrument repairing, sharpening, and office redesign facilities, Henry Schein provides all of that too!

6. Integra LifeSciences

Integra Lifesciences
Source: Integra LifeSciences

Revenue: $1.6B

Size of employees: 4,500

A+, This business is not BBB Accredited

Integra is a leading provider of medical equipment globally, but they provide quality dental instruments under their brand Miltex. They’re famous for developing exquisite instruments, as they consult industry leaders during the manufacturing process. 

Their high-end equipment is soft, durable, and razor-sharp for providing outstanding accuracy to dentists which makes them popular amongst both small and medium-sized companies. 

Established in 1989, the company also aims to cater requirements of all types of dental practices. So, you’ll get top-notch products whenever you collaborate with the company.

7. Darby Dental 

Source: Darby Dental

Revenue: $100-500M

Size of employees: 1.0-5.0K

NR, This business is not BBB Accredited

Darby is an extinct distributor of dental equipment, having more than 50,000 products at its disposal. They are popular for providing dental instruments repair, excellent customer service, and inventory management support.

Additionally, they are also known for their all efficiency. When you place an order, you get it within a day or two. It’s because the company has distribution centers across the USA to provide fast shipping services. They also provide special services to group practices for managing purchasing operations without any major investment. 

8. Paradise Dental Technologies

Source: Paradise Dental Technologies

Revenue: $100K-5.0M

Size of employees: 25-100

A+, This business is not BBB Accredited

Established in 2000, Paradise Dental Technologies is one of the top 10 dental equipment companies that’ll suit any practice. The company has been developing world-class dental instruments for more than 30 years and has become known for developing quality products that are suitable for dental surgeons. They handle a variety of customers spread across 50 countries with a focus on quality, technology, and ergonomics.

9. Pearson Dental Supply

Source: Pearson Dental Supply

Revenue: $25-100M

Size of employees: 25-100

A-, This business is not BBB Accredited

The brand has more than 30,000 products and services such as orthodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, and oral surgery. They are a very well-known brand offering reasonable pricing and are loved by dentists worldwide.   They have trained technicians that help you in installing the equipment, designing the office, and setting up the practice. Additionally, they also provide quick shipping and repair services.

10. Dentsply Sirona

Source: Dentsply Sirona

Revenue: $4.3B

Size of employees: 15,700

A+, This business is not BBB Accredited

Dentsply is one of the leading American dental equipment manufacturers that sells products across 120 countries.

Along with developing high-quality equipment, the company also sells oral consumables, anesthetics, tooth polishers, and gum disease and plaque preventive products. 

Summing up

The global dental equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.1% between 2021-2028. So, many dental instrument companies are eager to enter the market. This makes it crucial that you pick the right one for your practice and as per your budget. 

It’s recommended that you assess the shipping facilities, customer service, product quality, warranty, and after-sales services. Also, choose a company based on its specialty that suits you. 

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