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The Fax Story of America’s Healthcare Industry

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  • The Fax Story of America’s Healthcare Industry
  • Mar 20, 2018
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
The Fax Story of America’s Healthcare Industry

During the Presidential rule of Obama, America witnessed a transformation in the healthcare domain. The urgency to shift from manual record keeping to electronic health records (EHR) was prominent. With the introduction of new reforms, the digitalization of the healthcare industry slowly gained prominence. There was noticeable spending of $30billion towards encouraging doctors and hospitals to go paperless and turn to digital records. As a result of which, the adoption of electronic records increased to 83 percent from a mere nine percent from 2008 to 2015.

But, what the Obama administration did not understand is that although hospitals readily started using EHR but were not familiar with ways to transfer this electronically stored information to other hospitals. The government assumed that hospitals would voluntarily come forward and take initiatives in helping each other to share the digital records which later failed to become a reality. The idea to digitalize American medicine is indeed progressive. But the measures they took make it happen were not appropriate, and that is why the government could not reach its objective.

Use of Fax Continues to Prevail

Fax communications can be slow and may sometime lead to a wrong address. But that has not prevented physicians and healthcare organizations from using it as a medium of communication. They are still sending a fax to convey a message to a medical provider or share any medical record for taking further a clinical procedure.

There are many reasons behind such as behavior. One of them is the competitive spirit that is acting as the driving force prohibiting one hospital to share information with the other. Hence, even in the digital age healthcare institutions are struggling with proper management and storage of patient data. Also, doctors are lured with incentives to not only keep information to themselves but also for avoiding electronic record-keeping practices. The reluctance to connect systems to felicitate patient information sharing among hospital networks is the cause of inefficiency when it comes to sharing information for faster delivery of care.

In the end, we can conclude that mounting economical pressure gave reasons to healthcare providers for not using digital records and leverage technology for sharing it with other hospitals. Hence, they are still utilizing the backdated technique of sending a fax for business or any other form of communication.

Fax is not dead. Even today, there are healthcare organizations that are using fax to share clinical reports with other providers and also asking candidates to fax their resume for job application. Fax communications are running parallel along with email or direct mail. Physicians don’t mind receiving fax even in this digital world. Hence, for many faxes may sound backdated but it is not.

Where to get the Right Fax Number of Physicians?

The success of your campaigns not only depends on the medium used to communicate but also on the fact that whether the message has reached the right address or not. The only thing that matters for any communication is the data. With the correct contact details of prospects, businesses can target physicians or any other medical professional via any channel be it email or fax. Addressing such data needs is MedicoReach’s Physicians email database comprising records of more than 948,000 physicians email addresses along with their fax details. Marketers can leverage this accurate data to start building new relationships, sustain existing customers, and explore opportunities to expand.




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