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Thanksgiving Day Ideas and Offers for Healthcare Businesses during Pandemic

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  • Thanksgiving Day Ideas and Offers for Healthcare Businesses during Pandemic
  • Nov 24, 2020
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
Thanksgiving Day Ideas and Offers for Healthcare Businesses during Pandemic

Thanksgiving Day Ideas and Offers for Healthcare Businesses during Pandemic - Medicoreach

Infographic Content:

Thanksgiving Day is one important event of the year. People from different spheres of life celebrate the evening with family and loved ones with mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving, let us warmly acknowledge the presence of the important members of our life. In the case of a business, it is no different. Especially the healthcare sector calls for a double thanksgiving celebration this year. The warriors, as we may say, or the healthcare professionals have been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic at the forefront. Since this year has been numb on festivals, it also needs to be safely enjoyed and must bring back the charm of such occasions.

Due to the pandemic, you may have to skip a holiday vacation that you have been longing to go for. However, you can enjoy the fun evening over a virtual celebration with your teammates or business partners. Yes, you heard it right! We have listed some of the fun and interesting ideas to celebrate thanksgiving for the healthcare business in pandemic and make the most of it.

Thanksgiving Ideas for the Healthcare Industry to Celebrate at Distance!

Send a Thank You Note!

Thanksgiving is about thanking the ones who have been potential contributors to you. Therefore, you can send personalized thank you notes.

Who should you send thank you notes?

  • To employees
  • To business partners
  • To customers

What type of thank you notes?

  • Email notes
  • Social media notes
  • Handwritten notes

The Benefits of thank you notes?

  • Connect with new prospects
  • Connect with lost old customers
  • Maintain bond with existing clients

Stream Live Events

What can be a better opportunity for you than now to be socially active? You can organize a live event on any suitable social media platform and connect over Thanksgiving.

Who should you invite to join the event?

  • To prospects
  • To existing customers
  • To teammates

What type of live streams can you opt for?

  • Product or service launch
  • Acknowledge or thanking the contributors
  • Informative streaming

The benefits of live streams?

  • Expands your network
  • Socially connect you with customers
  • Builds customer experience and trust

Organize Contest and Giveaways

It is the fun season when you can engage with the audience and team members over a game session, contest, and giveaways.

Who should be the participants in the contests?

  • Your office team
  • Your clients
  • Your business partners

What type of contests and games should you choose?

  • Referral and tagging contest
  • Quiz contest related to your business
  • Share and subscribe challenges

The benefit of contests or games?

  • Engages the prospects and existing clients
  • Build brand recognition
  • Connects company and customers

Sponsor a Famous Event

In case you don’t wish to organize an event all by yourself, you can even sponsor one which is popular among the audience.

Who should be the attendees of the event?

  • Target audience
  • Ideal prospects
  • Lost deals

What type of events should you sponsor?

  • Industry-related
  • Product-related
  • Service-related

The benefits of sponsoring events?

  • Brand awareness
  • Product and service publicity
  • Build industry community

Concluding Note:

Thanksgiving has been one of the favorite times of the year for marketers as they communicate with the audience directly and make permanent clients along the way. We hope you use some of these hacks and make your thanksgiving a more successful one than before.

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