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  • Oct 30, 2023
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referral management softwares for healthcare organisations

Referral Management Software (RMS) permits businesses to create, customize, launch, and automate referral campaigns. This way, they can encourage existing customers with perks for referring new customers. In the healthcare industry, referral takes on a whole new humanitarian angle. Let’s look at this on a deeper level.

Why is Referral Management Software Important to Healthcare Organizations?

 Referrals directly impact business development. They’re essential if a company wants to grow and be stable.

Paid advertising, conventional online marketing channels, reputation management, and other strategies can generate leads. After traditional lead generation (through online marketing techniques), referrals are the second-highest quality lead source. Can good or excellent leads be generated through referrals? 78% of B2B marketers say so. Referrals assist all industries, including healthcare.

When managing referrals, industries need help with the volume of data accumulated. In the healthcare industry, it’s widely known that confidential data needs to be passed from one healthcare provider to another. Referral Management Software (RMS) gives a helping hand here.

Let’s look at the benefits such software provides.

Key Benefits of RMS in Healthcare Organizations

 RMS is helpful in many ways for many industries. But since we require the context of these excellent therapeutic healthcare establishments, let’s consider them here:

1. Reduction in Referral Leakage:

The latest annual Patient Leakage and Keepage Report from ABOUT Healthcare, surveying about 138 healthcare executives, shows that preventing leakage could boost revenue by 17%.

With software, healthcare providers can be sought after quickly; thus, the number of leaving is drastically reduced.

2. Decreased Dead Times or Unnecessarily Long Lead Times:

Unnecessary visits can be avoided. Fewer users would be irritated due to waiting, and more and more would be satisfied and attended to. The healthcare organization’s morale is boosted, and the customers feel calm.

3. Improved Completion Rates:

More treatment can be carried out. Healthcare organizations are kept active, and their efficiency rate increases. Also, any miscommunication amongst providers is reduced significantly.

4. Enhanced Usage:

RMS can benefit healthcare providers, staff, and users. Accessibility allows users to schedule or reschedule their appointments so that everyone’s availability is considered. A sense of equality can be formed, and more can reap the benefits of it for time, satisfaction, and, of course, health.

5. Can be informed about Competitors:

It isn’t just about the money. Hopefully, healthcare organizations will find a purpose in serving. By being aware of competitors, organizations can maintain a healthy sense of competition, which would improve the growth of society.competition-is-healthier-when-care-is-less-specialized

6. Integrated Communication Solution:

Users can get quicker service by integrating various channels. With effective communication comes effective results. Coordinating will be involved in integrating, thus making sure that the target audience is given the utmost attention. Transfers can be done quickly; therefore, treatment will subsequently be prompt.integrated-communication-solution

7. More Accessibility:

With an e-consult feature, users can communicate with providers, doctors, or specialists from their homes. This feature makes sure that even slightly unwilling users are retained. This way, one can capitalize on the (supposed) human weakness of overusing mobile phones for a good cause.

8. Administrative Time Reduced:

Since there’s a reduction in time taken for tasks that (many consider) are tedious, more time can be dedicated to clients. Hence, the time taken to fill out forms or to fill in professionals regarding previous treatments is eliminated. Therapeutics can be given more prominence.

Top Referral Management Software for Healthcare in the US

Nowadays, many referral management software (RMS) solutions aid everyone involved in the healthcare industry. Which of these are more popular? Let’s look at the top software trending to learn more about what they do and how they help.

1. PrognoCIS EHR


This software is robust, with an Electronic Health Record presence of more than 18 years. With this RMS, e-prescribing and e-billing are both taken care of seamlessly. It doesn’t end there. PrognoCIS EHR can be customized to the healthcare provider’s needs.

A lot of safety is taken care of with features of authorization and tracking. Users can always be informed with messages, reminders, and faxing portals. PrognoCIS EHR covers departments of OB-GYN, pain management, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, occupational medicine, internal medicine, gastroenterology, podiatry, endocrinology, urgent care, dermatology, pediatrics, and much more.

2. Arista MD


Scheduling is a significant ease with Arista MD. Both users and healthcare providers can benefit from this, as a referral can be scheduled in 90 seconds. Both inbound and outbound referrals are taken care of for primary and specialty care.

This RMS improves customer satisfaction with e-consults by having a user-friendly dashboard with all referrals at once. This way, users can find information about all their concerned referrals with just a little navigation.




EHR is integrated with the software in this Referral Management Software (RMS) to reduce the time and energy used for double entries. With their tracking system, business representatives can plan on ways of better communication and lead conversion.

This software works well on computers, iPads, and mobile phones, a significant advantage for several clients. Progress can be seen at each step of the funnel, and suitable actions can be taken. This RMS is simple to use and helps revenue growth by reducing leakage.

4. Treatspace


The Treatspace Referral Management Software (RMS) integrates with all EHRs and thus helps in follow-up for users. Specialists and users alike can benefit time-wise. Administrative staff’s time is also saved.

Treatspace’s RMS is HIPAA and standard consult report compliant, making it a trusted software. There are no gaps in the duration of care as there is a reduction in treatment time, and one gets a closed loop for all referrals.

5. EcoSoft Health


The EcoSoft Health Referral Management Software (RMS) takes care of the complete lifecycle for healthcare providers. This software manages physician-to-physician transfers, inter-departmental transfers, outside agency collaborations, a robust website, and inbound caller requests for care.

Integration with EHR/EMR helps in routing according to the workflow. Troubleshooting management is good with referrals that aren’t progressing and are escalated to suitable staff. Referral information is readily available, and monitoring and analysis are handled efficiently. Notifications are received with appropriate triggers when there are new referrals.

The Best Referral Management Software Providers in the US (Top 3)

Referral Management Software (RMS) supports and streamlines the entire referral procedure by minimizing human error, increasing satisfaction, and sharing accurate information across organizational networks.

RMS must:

  • Have control over information present within an EHR (Electronic Health Record – a collection of medical records generated during any clinical encounter) and other data relating to the user.
  • Monitor existing and pre-existing user referrals into a central database.
  • Develop workflows.

Noting these, let’s glance at the US top 3 best RMS providers:

1. Clarify Health


 Founded Year: 2015

Industry: Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES)

Summary of the Company: They provide the best care by optimizing every user’s journey on a value-based payment platform. With Clarify, healthcare organizations can use an extensive database and become self-sufficient. Their on-demand enterprise gives higher-value care.

Service Offered: SaaS Analytics Platform (for building high-performing networks, transitioning a lead to a value, accelerating VBC, i.e., value-based care, reducing therapeutic expenditure, accelerating healthcare organizations’ revenue growth, and making sense of healthcare price transparency data)

2. Trella Health: Marketscape


Founded Year: 2015

Industry: Health-Related, Data-Driven Analytics Solutions Provider

Summary of the Company: Trella Health brings about meaningful change in healthcare through performance visibility. They enable healthcare organizations to improve results and care cost reduction.

Service Offered: Healthcare Marketing Data & Analytics Solutions [Home Health, Hospice, Skilled Nursing, Infusion and HME/DME, i.e., home medical equipment (HME), a.k.a. durable medical equipment (DME)]

3. HealthViewX Patient Referral Management



Founded Year: 2015

Industry: Healthcare Technology

Summary of the Company: Digitally, they aim to build a human-centric healthcare ecosystem to change the user experience and enhance provider-user partnerships.

They use their exclusive software platform and comprehensive solution portfolio to facilitate greater convenience and plan wholesome experiences for users (whether clinically related or service-related), physicians, and providers.

Services Offered: Referral Management (for both inbound and outbound Referrals), Health Bridge Interoperability, Chronic Care Management, Principal Care Management, Patient Engagement, Transitional Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, Annual Wellness Visit, Advance Care Planning, Digital Health Management, Chronic Pain Management, Pain Management, Behavioural Health Integration and Alcohol Overuse Screening


Users and healthcare organizations can reduce their burden using adequate referral management software. They can save time, energy, and resources as well. In this technological age, let’s use telehealth services best with RMS.

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