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  • Feb 24, 2023
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Exemplary senior care is accessible in every corner of the USA with several quality-backed nursing homes in the country. These institutions leverage state-of-the-art equipment and emergency care supplies to provide round-the-clock care for seniors under their supervision.

The nursing home industry in the USA also comprises important statistics that will prove useful for companies looking to market to these institutions. Here are some of our handpicked nursing home statistics and facts.

The Demand for Nursing Homes is on the Rise

  • The official estimates of the CDC claimed 15,600 nursing homes in 2018.
  • In 2022, the number of nursing homes multiplied to 26,514 to meet the growing demand.
  • Nursing homes throughout the USA are home to 1,246,049 residents.
  • The elderly population requiring nursing homes (above 65) will touch figures of 7 million by 2050.
  • California, Texas, and New York lead the pack in the number of nursing home residents.

69.3%  of Nursing Homes are For-Profit Institutions

  • The remaining are government owned (2%) and nonprofit (23.5%).
  • For-profit nursing homes have a total market size of USD 87.4 billion.
  • The primary contributors to for-profit nursing homes are seniors over 85 (6%).

More Women Occupy Nursing Homes than Men

  • Women have a longer life expectancy (1 years) than men (73.2 years).
  • Longer life expectancy results in more women (6%) in nursing facilities than men (35.4%).
  • For example, an age group between 65 – 74 comprises 132 women for every 100 men.
  • The discrepancy worsens in the 85 and above range, with 425 women for 100 men.

The Average Monthly Cost of a Private Room in a Nursing Home is USD 8,365 

  • The most expensive private rooms are in Alaska (USD 27,573) and the most economical in Oklahoma (USD 4,639).
  • The higher costs in Alaska can be attributed to its remote location, making it challenging to acquire the necessary medical infrastructure at cheaper rates.
  • Semi-private rooms do not lag behind, with an average monthly rent of USD 7,441.

The US Nursing Home Industry Employs 1,580,731  Professionals

  • Compared to previous years, the employment rate achieved a 3% growth in 2022.
  • On an average, each nursing institution has 6 employees, including certified nursing assistants, nurses, and direct care workers.
  • The average salary for nursing home employees is USD 37,876, with an estimated work week of 9 hours.


Nursing Home industry is already seeing significant growth, though, as it’s expected to see a 4.5% growth rate in its market size in 2023 alone, and the number of nursing home facilities is expected to grow by 2.2% during the same year.

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