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Leveraging LinkedIn to Promote Your Medical Practice – Here are 7 ways to Do It

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  • Leveraging LinkedIn to Promote Your Medical Practice – Here are 7 ways to Do It
  • Jul 11, 2018
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
Leveraging LinkedIn to Promote Your Medical Practice – Here are 7 ways to Do It

According to LinkedIn statistics, 78% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn as the most successful social media platform. When it comes to increasing awareness and generating leads, LinkedIn is no far behind. Most of the C-level executives and top officials prefer LinkedIn for connecting and communicating with others within their industry.

Even with healthcare marketing, things are no different. If you are a novice in the medical field and have just started your medical practice, LinkedIn is the perfect forum to build a professional network for medical organizations and individual medical practices.
Here are some useful seven ways following which you can market your practice to a greater audience within a short time.

Optimize and Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated

LinkedIn is a platform meant for professional networking. If you want your profession or medical practice shine across the platform, you need to build a strong profile. And for that from time to time, you need to keep the profile updated, share content and engage with others within your network.

Firstly, you need to create your profile as a medical professional. Fill in the details using targeted keywords that will increase the visibility of your LinkedIn profile. For example, if you are a Cardiologist, just putting the physician in the profile title will not help. Your headline should give a quick sneak peek into your expertise. Make sure that your profile is complete. It should consist of all the necessary details like education, skills, fellowships, professional interest, etc. That is why statistics say that you must add at least five relevant skills to receive 31x more messages from other members.

The summary section is the one you must not forget. Make best use of the 2000 characters limit available and speak your heart out to your targeted audience. You can also add contact details in the summary box along with a snapshot of your professional career and expertise.

If you want to top the LinkedIn search, then don’t forget to use proper keywords related to your practice. Only when you properly optimize your profile, you are likely to get desirable returns.

Be Member of Relevant LinkedIn Groups

Once you have created your LinkedIn profile, the next thing you need to do is join groups that are relevant to your field of practice. For instance, if you are a doctor by profession, you can join famous LinkedIn groups like Networking for Business Professionals & Doctors, Hospital CEOs, Medical Doctor (MD) Network, etc. Similarly for other specialists also there are separate groups that match their professional needs. Participating in the group helps you to stay in touch with peers. By becoming a member of such social networking groups, you can market your practice to a broader audience. It also helps you to build credibility as well as create brand awareness.

Network with Other Medical Professionals

Sync your email contact list with your LinkedIn profile so that you can add your friends, peers, partners, and co-workers to your professional network. Then you can sail onto connecting with other medical professionals working in and around your locality.

Also, you can start following and connecting with fellow members of the group you are a part of. Share valuable content with them, establish useful conversations, and learn from them as much as possible.

Share Engaging and Unique Content

Social media marketing is not only about setting up a profile and joining different networking groups. Once you establish your presence, you must start publishing and sharing informative content within your network. You can either share it on your account or post it in groups.

You must build authority by sharing relevant content related to your field of practice. For instance, if a registered nurse wants to make a network, he/she can share links, videos, and photos that highlight nursing domain. This will help others know that you are knowledgeable and aware of your industry happenings. You need to make your presence felt to attract people towards your practice.

Your LinkedIn presence is for business purpose. So, make sure that you promote only professional content as it is a platform meant for connecting professionals. It is not like any other social platform where you can share anything. Share content related to medical industry and your profession only.

Join Group Discussions on the Platform

When you are part of a medical group on LinkedIn, you have to be an active member. It is essential to make them feel your presence in the group. And for that, you need to participate in discussions, share your views, and listen to others viewpoint. The group comprises members who are from your practice areas or share the same interest as yours. Hence, there is a lot of things to talk about and discuss. The result of such discussions will always help you to learn new things and improve your practice.

Having constant and regular conversations with other group members will help establish credibility about your skills and knowledge. It is one of the great ways to show your expertise to others. You can also comment on the posts others are sharing.

Don’t wait for conversations to start. You can initiate discussions voluntarily by sharing links to topics you want to discuss.

Optimize LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

Now, LinkedIn has added an online news aggregation feed called LinkedIn Pulse, its publishing platform. Using this platform, members can directly post their blog or article on LinkedIn and share it with their targeted audience. You can add photos, videos, and presentations to your content. There is no word limit for a blog you post on the platform. However, lengthy posts are preferable.

LinkedIn Pulse helps members to build their social popularity and expand their reach by letting them generate new stories and business insights.

Make Use of LinkedIn Ads for Your Targeted Audience

Targeted advertising is one of the significant features of LinkedIn. It allows you to initiate campaigns targeting potential patients based on specific categories like industry, job role, or company. For example, a medical device manufacturer can run LinkedIn ads directed towards a hospital that uses highly advanced medical devices in a specific region. You can also run ad campaigns to target other medical professionals to build your referral network.

Concluding Note!

LinkedIn can surely help you spread your word about your practice to millions of users across the platform. Along with global reach, this social media platform can boost customer engagement, link building activities, and business communications.



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