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  • Nov 21, 2023
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Fully functional laboratories operate on various kinds of equipment and devices to perform multiple tests and research and development on a daily basis. These simple types of lab equipment can be found in research labs, diagnostic testing laboratories, quality assurance labs, etc.

The involvement of these laboratory types of equipment provides efficiency by rapidly analyzing the samples, which enhances the value of the laboratory and devices utilized to conduct tests on a daily basis.

The evolution of technology trends has strengthened the operating capabilities of the laboratory. Cutting-edge technology and systematic procedures have authorized lab scientists to operate competently. The laboratory’s operating system is advanced due to the implementation of AI, process automation, and other advanced technologies.

The global rise in the market and the business demand for high-tech laboratory equipment are soaring sky-high. Corporations face difficulty identifying a suitable lab equipment supplier for their business operations. The emergence of a laboratory equipment supplies data list can address the rising challenges and boost the functioning of businesses in the healthcare sector.

Global Laboratory Supplies Market Size


According to estimates, the global market for laboratory equipment was valued at USD 9.8 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase to USD 53.6 billion by 2030, with a notable CAGR of 6.1% predicted for that period.

Let us understand further about laboratory equipment suppliers and find the list of the top ten laboratory equipment suppliers in the US.

Laboratory equipment suppliers are organizations that manufacture products (instruments and systems) and supply them to other companies based on their requirements. Particular companies foster products based on a targeted niche, while the different sets focus on general lab equipment, which various sectors can utilize.

The Top 10 Largest Laboratory Equipment Suppliers in the US 

Thermo Fisher Scientific :


Establishment Year: 1956

Net worth: $205.47 Billion

Headquarters: Massachusetts

The existence of Thermo Fisher was due to a consolidation of Fisher Scientific and Thermo Electron. Thermo Fisher Scientific has gained popularity due to its diligence in the area of expertise for the products it develops and the massive coverage of the spectrum offered in biological sciences.

Agilent Technologies :


Establishment Year: 1999

Net worth: $34.82 Billion

Headquarters: California

Agilent Technologies Inc. is a US-based analytical laboratory equipment supplier. It was founded as a spin-off from Hewlett-Packard, resulting in a relatively recent company. The company is well known for providing holistic laboratory solutions, which include supplies, programs, devices, services, and expertise in producing excellent results in lab environments.

Becton Dickinson and Co :


Establishment Year: 1897

Net worth: $79.4 Billion

Headquarters: New Jersey

Becton Dickinson, and Co., is an American company that develops and promotes medical devices, produces gadgets, equipment systems, and chemicals for medical use. Due to their extensive network of affiliates and partners, Becton Dickinson operates in more than 50 different countries.

Mettler Toledo :


Establishment Year: 1945

Net worth: $27.12 Billion

Headquarters: Ohio

The major global producer of analytical equipment operations for laboratories, Mettler Toledo, is located in the United States. It is the biggest recognized US manufacturer of weighing equipment designed to suit laboratory or business requirements. Mettler is renowned for the degree of accuracy with which their scales can estimate weight in the most precise form.

Illumina :


Establishment Year: 1998

Net Worth: $26.47 Billion

Headquarters: California

Illumina Inc is a reputed biotechnology company based out in US. It produces and generates broad frameworks which are used to examine the genetic diversity and biological operation of micro-organisms. Genome sequencing, genotyping, regulation of genes, and protein analysis are just a few of the methods used in research that Illumina’s variety of products and offerings is intended to help with.

Waters Corp :


Establishment Year: 1958

Brand Value: $18.87 Billion

Headquarters: Ohio

Waters produces experimental equipment and systems for chromatography, spectrometry, thermal examination, and other processes. The organization’s inception took place in the form of a research base at their headquarters. In addition to modern purification, chromatography, and spectroscopy equipment, their products include filtration systems, vials, and receptacles.

Bruker Corp :


Establishment year: 1960

Net worth: $9.79 Billion

Headquarters: Massachusetts

The formation of the organization began in Germany, but currently, the operating headquarters is based out in the US. Bruker Corp majorly specializes in the development of molecular examination and bioscience materials, which could be capitalized based on the laboratories requirement.

Perkin Elmer Inc. :


Establishment Year: 1937

Net worth: $14.44 Billion

Headquarters: Massachusetts

Perkin Elmer has their operating operation in the US. The company is involved in the supplying of integrated software for laboratories, supplies, and instruments. Perkin Elmer’s production of supplies supremely dwells in various food and other environmental testing. They also look after the presentation of lab equipment such as vials, testing apps, and more.

Danaher Corp :


Establishment Year: 1969

Net worth: $184.78 Billion

Headquarters: Washington DC

Danaher Corporation’s headquarters is situated in the US. Danaher significantly aims to deliver and develop research facilities including the laboratory products which are easy to operate and are reliable based on the necessity and the requirement. It supervises in the research and development area such as product identification, diagnosis machines, filtration and segregation equipment and more. The Corporation has its foothill in various countries, including Latin America, North America, and Africa, because of its multiple subsidiaries and robust network distribution.

Bio – Rad Laboratories Inc. :


Establishment year: 1952

Net worth: $11.27 Billion

Headquarters: California

Bio–Rad Laboratories Inc, situated in USA, has narrowed the scope of the specialization, including the supplies of instruments, software, substances, and more. The area of coverage includes the safety of the food, protein refinement, and production of medicine. The corporation offers lab supplies and life sciences equipment for various organized laboratories.

Final Words

The evolution in the advancement of the existing technologies in laboratory equipment is rapidly increasing, and the rampant demands for the production of various technologies and instruments have seen a striking peak. This has curated the space for many corporations and manufacturers cum suppliers’ involvement resulting in massive production of products and equipment. This will embolden the laboratory institutes to amplify their operation efforts and achieve maximum efficiency in highlighting their new findings and identification.

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