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HIV/AIDS Nurse Practitioners

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HIV/AIDS Nurse Practitioners

As a nurse specializing in the delivery of care to HIV/AIDS patients, nurse practitioners help all such patients cope with the incurable disease physically and at an emotional level. Unlike the ordinary people who refrain from coming close to HIV patients, these trained nurses undertake the job and dedicatedly perform their responsibilities. From educating the patients about the diseases to monitoring their conditions and administering medication and treatment plans, HIV/AIDS nurses do it all. Nurses practicing in this field need to have ACRN certification. They work closely with patients and doctors.

HIV/AIDS nurses also ensure that recommendations of the doctors are implemented, and the patient receives timely care. They also participate in awareness programs to spread more information about this deadly virus to help the patient’s family members and the society at large. These nurse work in different settings including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facility centers. Working with risk groups, they educate all the members about the danger associated with unsafe sex and sharing needles. Based on the patient’s symptoms, they also develop pain management plans to offer patients a seamless treatment for their health challenges.