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Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

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Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

Headquartered in the US, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is a trade organization meant for marketers helping them in the protection and advancement of their data-driven marketing. It was founded in the year 1917. With strict guidelines and set of ethical standards, the association keeps in check any form of marketing that makes use of customer data. DMA members have to comply with all the data protection guidelines set to ensure responsible use of data in marketing campaigns. The different kinds of data-driven marketing channels include email, direct mail, web advertising, content marketing, social campaigns, search, etc.

From data collection to ensuring data privacy, consumer notice, and its right use, DMA guidelines cover all aspects of data-driven marketing campaigns. This association for marketers strictly handles companies who fail to abide by its compliance norms. Based on consumer or other companies complain, DMA takes steps against the non-compliant by categorizing them in the list of ‘bad actors.’ Also, they report about such companies to related authorities for proper action to be taken against them.