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A dietician is a healthcare specialist with expertise in the field of human nutrition and diet. These professionals are licensed to guide people on what to follow and what not as part of a healthy diet plan. Many people have health issues arising because of unhealthy food intake, reckless lifestyle, and improper diet according to their age and health conditions. Helping such individuals are dieticians who suggest patient’s nutrition and diet plan on the basis of their medical status and bodily needs.  All the problems related to the nutritional deficiency in the human body are diagnosed, treated and assessed by dieticians.

A registered dietician is a properly trained and licensed professional who has met all the necessary academic and professional qualifications to be able to practice as a registered dietitian (RD) or registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). For this purpose, they need to complete a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university specializing in nutrition, do an internship at a healthcare facility and get themselves certified through undertaking required examinations.

Based on their area of specialization, the work settings, and the responsibilities they perform, dieticians are of various types. These include community dietician, pediatric dietician, business dieticians, clinical dietician, food service dietician, research dietician, administrative dietician, and consultant dietician.