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The practice of medicine providing pain relief and total care of the patient before, during and after performing any kind of surgery is termed as Anesthesiology. Physicians specializing in the development and execution of anesthetic plan after undergoing medical training and attaining an accredited anesthesiology residency program are called Anesthesiologist.

Through administering anesthetics, the Anesthesiologists offers pain relief to patients during their perioperative procedure, critical emergency, delivery, chronic pain, and to patients in intensive care. Working together with surgeons and physicians, anesthesiologists prepare a treatment plan. They accompany the doctors during the entire surgical procedure to be able to help during any critical situation.

Aspiring anesthesiologists need to attain four years of medical school after completing a bachelor’s degree. Then they must undertake four years of residency program from a reputed medical university. After training and education are done, the candidate must obtain the practice license and get certified by the respective board by taking the certification test.


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