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8 Dental Industry Trends to Dominate in 2019

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  • 8 Dental Industry Trends to Dominate in 2019
  • Apr 10, 2019
  • Posted By: MedicoReach
8 Dental Industry Trends to Dominate in 2019

The dental industry is undergoing a drastic transformation in terms of innovation and technology. With artificial intelligence and automation their making way into the dental space, dentists are more efficient than ever. With improved business practices and quality care at disposal, both the dentists and patients are happy to welcome change.

Every year trends keep on changing and in 2019 we are likely to witness some of the path-breaking developments in the field of dentistry. As new technologies come to the forefront, patients can expect better oral care at an affordable price throughout the year and beyond.

Here are some of those eight innovative trends that are set to leave an impact in 2019:

Dental 3D Printers continues to Remain Popular

dental 3d printers - medicoreach

One of the trends that have been here for quite some time and still continues to rule even in 2019 is 3D printing of dental products. In the field of modern dentistry, dental 3D printing has revolutionized the way dental labs work. Now within less time and less cost, patients can get their dental dentures, crowns, braces, aligners, etc. printed using 3D technology with better precision and accuracy than traditional practices.

3D technology is slowly giving way to further innovation and expertise in dentistry with the introduction of 3D printers and scanners designed specially to create dental products.  From orthodontists to dentists and dental labs, every professional in the field is keen to use 3D printers and other devices to improve their work efficiency. Hence, the trend of using 3D printers to produce custom tooth replacements, veneers, and dental implants is likely to get stronger in 2019.

More Focus on Producing Natural Dental Products

natural dental products-medicoreach

Today, people are more conscious and concerned about their health and the environment in general. Various activist groups and non-profit organization urges people to go green which means to use eco-friendly products. As a result, dental manufacturers are shifting their focus from producing artificial or chemical-based products to natural ones across various industries, especially in the healthcare sector.

In the world of dental care, people are keener to use natural products such as bamboo toothbrush and charcoal toothpaste. Hence, as the demand for natural products increases, the industry will see a rise in the production and supply of dental care products that are made from natural resources. In 2019, the focus will be more on replacing artificial dental products with natural oral hygiene products that are sustainable and healthier.

Use of Digital Impressions to Increase

digital impression- medicoreach

The cutting-edge technology of digital impressions makes it easier for dentists to create accurate and clear impressions of a patient’s hard and soft oral tissues. This technique produces a virtual computerized replica of the mouth tissues that dentists can share it with laboratory via email. Unlike traditional methods of taking dental impressions, digital technology is much more feasible, faster and efficient. The impression data can be transferred and stored in a computer and can later be used for restoration work. As a result, now dentists need no more carry stone models and send it to labs via traditional mails. Also, patients find this virtual process more comfortable and convenient.

Digital impressions increase productivity, accuracy, and efficiency as dentistry restorations can now be done within the same day. Thus, eliminating frequent dentist visits and reducing treatment time. Considering the positive aspects of dental impressions and its growing demand over the last few years, we can expect that more practitioners will use this technology in 2019. Dental practices which are still reluctant to embrace technology are likely to upgrade their traditional was molds and replace it will computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software to create virtual dental impressions.

More Dentists to Choose Laser Dentistry

The use of laser technology in healthcare procedure and treatments is not new. Especially in the healthcare field, laser technology has taken the industry by storm with its innovativeness and efficiency. In particular, dentists are increasingly using laser technology to treat various oral health problems including cavity treatment, gum surgery, and other issues. This trend is likely to prevail in 2019 as more oral practitioners come forward and embrace technological innovation to serve the patients better.

Laser dentistry is gaining popularity as it offers precise and effortless treatment procedures that were otherwise time-consuming. From teeth whitening, removing tooth decay to reshaping gums, removing bacteria and eradicating lesions, the reach and use of laser technology with its many benefits are spread all across the field of dentistry.

Dental Group Practices to Grow in Numbers

With increasing costs and associated challenges, individual dental practices are becoming a rare sight. Dentists are keen on creating joint practices with other dental practitioners for better efficiency. Apart from financial difficulties, owning and managing individual dental practice is a challenging task. While focusing on how to manage their business, dentists struggle to deliver quality oral care to patients. So, in 2019 more and more dentists will come forward to form joint ventures with other skilled professionals with the field of dentistry.

Patient Experience Will Continue Being the Priority

patient happy-medicoreach

No matter how technologically advanced and updated your dental practice is if your patients are not happy with your service things will go against you. Today’s patients are well aware and always seek for quality and affordable care from their healthcare providers. Hence, the first thing to work on is improving patient experience and for that dentists will have to review their current initiatives. It is essential to optimize your strategy to make it patient-friendly. From scheduling appointments to processing online payments and offering loyalty programs, dental practices must do everything it takes to win patient loyalty and trust.

Even in 2019, dental practices will focus on how they can excel others in delivering the best care to oral patients. This trend is likely to be there in every year as the success of any dental practice will significantly rely on how happy the patients are from their service.

Work Automation to Take Charge

Work automation has been helping industries across different specialties in reducing workload and boosting performance. Dentistry being no exception is likely to witness an increased inclination towards automation tools and software that includes patient tracking and management software. There are many benefits of digital automation for dentists as it can help them better perform their responsibilities towards patients.

Using automation tool, dentists can save time and ensure that their practice is more organized and sorted. They can now focus more on improving patient care rather than getting stuck with administrative works in their clinic. Digital automation of dental practice can help in many ways:

  • Sent follow-up voicemails
  • Automate appointment bookings
  • Schedule posts on social media
  • Digitally collect and store data
  • And much more.

Introduction of Robot Dentists

robot dentist- medicoreachIn 2019, robotics is likely taking a further jump with the possible introduction of robot dentists. That’s how soon our future will transform into, and we may book appointments to get treated by a robot. We already know that artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest trend that’s been taking over every industry. Even in the field of dentistry, AI will cast its influence in terms of smart robots who may assist human dentists or completely replace them in the days to come.

Today, technically advanced nations like the US and China are programming their robots to perform less invasive dental procedures like teeth cleaning, tooth extraction, filling cavities, and cap applications. With recent developments and success stories of China’s dental robotics experiments, we can expect that by the end of 2019 robotics will be in the mainstream in the dental industry.

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